Water is the only resource that can be found all over the world whether in a wet or dry region. It covers around 7o% of the earth. Water is required for survival of living organisms. Too much of water can also cause them to cease to exist. Water is made up of two small positively charged hydrogen atoms and one large negatively charged oxygen atom. It is also known as aqua in latin.

Water is vital for human and animals survival. They require water for the body’s biological and physiological processes to continue smoothly. Water is necessary in circulation, digestion and waste excretion. An individual avoids dehydration which maybe fatal is more water is lost hence avoiding death. It helps in maintaining an overall superb health for both human and animals. It helps restore fluids lost during metabolism and waste excretion.

It is also key for many plant processes. It is essential in photosynthesis thus helping plants manufacture their own food and grow. This in turn provides nutrition and energy for animals from the plant and oxygen for them to survive. 

Water bodies are a habitat to fish, some insects and mammals, amphibians, reptiles and some insects. Some occupy the fresh water bodies and other salt water bodies. They reproduce in their habitats and their circle of life occurs in their specific water bodies. Ponds, streams, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans provide an ecosystem to over 50% of earth’s life including plants. They are also a food source through fishing.

Water helps in the world’s economy by being a transport system. Goods such as oil, cars and other bulky commodities. This also helps build relationships between the countries therefore promoting peace. 

It also gives an aesthetic feel because it is beautiful. This attracts people to the associated water bodies for recreation too thus promoting tourism. Waterfalls such as Victoria falls, Niagara falls and Angel falls are big tourist attraction. Swimming in the oceans and lakes can also be relaxing. 

Water can also be dangerous. Due to global warming, there is an increased amount of water in oceans. This in turn may occupy the land resulting in disappearance of some parts of the continents. 

Increased rains cause floods consequently in loss of property and merchandise, demise of life and poverty.

Transport of commodities maybe hazardous. Storms, high tides and waves may wash away some property or destroy the vessel of transport hence death of people and destruction of property.

Swimming in some water bodies may result in drowning or attack by dangerous animals such as hippos, crocodiles, sharks or jelly fishes hence death or injury. 

Drinking too much fluids causes water intoxication. This is when the excess fluids dilute sodium and other electrolytes in the body causing the cells to swell up. It causes brain damage and death if left untreated. Recovery requires hospitalization.

Too much of anything is poison.

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  1. Carson Anekeya

    Your insightful exploration of both the benefits and potential dangers associated with water showcases a deep understanding of its importance and the need for responsible management. Keep up the excellent work in highlighting such crucial topics.

      1. Danson Munyao

        Wow, this is a good read. I personally love the topic and expression of water is life and also death.

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