Kenyan Foods to Try. Guaranteed Deliciousness!

Kenyan Foods to Try. Guaranteed Deliciousness!

Kenya has a variety of indigenous foods that you can try out. Foods high in protein, some carbohydrates, from vegetarian to snacky meals, there is something for everyone. You should try chapati, samosas, smokies, mukimo, chicken, pilau, bhajia, nyama choma, roasted maize or mahindi choma among many others.

Chapati, a kind of unleavened bread-flatbread, is one of Kenya’s delicacies, enjoyed across the country. It is made mostly with wheat flour, water, salt, cooking oil and other spices and additions of choice. It is eaten as an accompaniment to many dishes and can as well be eaten on its own. It is an accompaniment to many dishes especially stews. Be it beef stew, chicken stew, grain stews etc. It can also be taken as an accompaniment to tea. Depending on the accompaniment, many Kenyans, take chapati either for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Chicken, and especially the Luhya chicken is one of Kenya’s most delicious foods. The Luhya chicken is prepared and eaten mostly by the Luhya people groups of Western Kenya and also enjoyed across the country. The process of cooking this chicken involves; roasting, then stewing. A special ingredient can be used. A natural food softener which they refer to as: Munyu Musherekha. This chicken is often eaten with ugali.

Mukimo is also a Kenyan meal. Mostly prepared by the Kikuyu people of Central Kenya. Enjoyed across the country also, Mukimo is a type of mashed potato meal rich in nutrients and is also very filling. The mashed potato is mixed with maize, beans and pumpkin leaves and mashed altogether.

Originating from the Coastal part of Kenya among the Swahili people, pilau is a definite Kenyan favourite. It is a type of rice meal and a flavourful one for that matter. Pilau masala is one of its main ingredients- it is a mixture of different spices (cardamon, cloves, cinnamon, cumin seeds etc.) ground together to make the pilau masala. It is also cooked with beef; slices of it or even chicken usually, and served with a ripe banana.

Samaki is the Kiswahili name for fish. Samaki Wet Fry is a type of fish dish. It is deep-fried and then stewed. Usually taken with ugali. Courtesy of the Lake Victoria, some of the best fish is found in areas near this Lake.

Nyama Choma aka roasted meat is one of Kenya’s delicacies and appreciated by Kenyans across the country. Nyama Choma can be eaten by any accompaniment of choice; but ugali does the trick. Something about smashing that ugali into your hands and then taking it with the nyama choma is just, a feeling out of this world. The meat is cut into sizeable pieces then put on a grill and roasted; flavourings can be sprinkled onto the pieces not forgetting salt. On top of ugali, it is also served with freshly chopped mixture of onions and tomatoes known as Kachumbari or any vegetable.   

Samosa is a snaky meal, consisting of minced meat and dough. The minced meat is spiced up or flavoured to taste and garnishing of choice added to the meat. The dough is rolled so that it becomes thin, then it is divided into triangular thin pieces. The minced meat is put into the triangular pocket pieces and then deep fried. It can be eaten on its own or with a beverage or drink.

Smokies as it is commonly known in Kenya is a type of snack meal. Smokie pasua, meaning a smokie that has been cut into half. Pasua just meaning to break. The smoked sausages or smokie is cut into half and kachumbari is placed in the middle and sauce can also be added to the kachumbari. This is a very tasty snack and also one of Kenya’s most popular street foods.

Mahindi choma or roasted green maize is also an honourable mention and also a Kenyan favourite street food or snack. Bhajia is also on the list of Kenyan foods to try. Bhajia is sliced potato dipped in wet spiced gram flour and then deep fried. It is served with sauce.

Ugali is an honourable mention because it is Kenya’s staple food eaten in almost every Kenyan household. It can be described as a stiff cooked paste of maize flour and water.

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    smokie as a snacks named smokie pasua,its just from another world love it the most

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      Smokie pasua is something else. It’s very tasty.

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