True Companionship Starts with Self

True Companionship Starts with Self

Have you ever sat somewhere in your own without company? If you haven’t then you should try it. You will know that you are comfortable in your own skin when you can sit all by yourself and not feel awkward. You should be able to enjoy your own company. But when you are constantly looking for company then there might be something that you are avoiding. Avoiding probably to deal with that you are constantly escaping.

Sitting by yourself not to over indulge on anything but to be able to reflect, to meditate etc. If you sit by yourself in order to drown yourself, say in alcohol or even food then something is wrong. You should be able to sip a drink or two maybe to relax but when you drink as a means of avoidance then there is a problem. And you will probably overindulge. You should be able to enjoy your favourite meal without constantly coming back to it to fill a void that you are feeling. 

Relaxing is perfectly fine but you can’t use something for instance alcohol to silence something that you don’t want to deal with in your mind. The issue in most cases usually grows and becomes bigger when you don’t handle it. Overindulging on anything is not the answer.

Being able to sit by yourself, in a sober enough state helps you to order your thoughts. Sometimes we let things simmer in our minds that shouldn’t have stayed there any longer. Thoughts that are not useful to us. But because we haven’t sat by ourselves to order our thoughts, some thoughts just linger on our minds and they should have been stopped and not allowed to linger. Now, things that would have been priorities are pushed aside because the mind is just a jungle of random thoughts. Sitting by yourself helps you eliminate non beneficial thoughts and keep, and probably execute beneficial thoughts.

When we don’t order our thoughts, we find that ideas and thoughts that would have been beneficial to us including even financially are forgotten. This idea keeps lingering in your mind but you haven’t sat down to analyse if the idea is viable. It could be a solution to something that has been troubling you, but you won’t sit by yourself, in quietness and stillness.

Yes, there are people who are loners; who need to get out and interact with people. Yet the call of this article is about being comfortable in your won skin. Being okay with sitting by yourself not just to think, to order your thoughts but also to just relax. So that you can hear your inner man. That you have probably ignored for some time now. To hear your inner man while the inner man whispers instead of when the inner man is shouting. Meaning, you may have been ignoring something that is happening in your body maybe an ache, it doesn’t have to be that serious. It could even be that you need to just cry then you will be fine. Or that you need a hug and you will be fine. But when you ignore these seemingly small needs, then they grow to become bigger needs. Now, it is no longer a slight ache, now it is excruciating pain, then it was just: I need to cry. Now it is a public outburst. Then it was a legitimate need for a hug now you are caught in compromising situations and you can’t tell how you got there.

Be comfortable in your own skin and it doesn’t take hours, start small. Sometimes it is just lying down flat for five minutes in order to relax. Or breathing in and out steadily as you listen to your breath and then you are calm. Or it could be taking a walk just to calm your nerves. Be comfortable in your own skin. Learn to be okay sitting in your own company. Enjoy your own company.


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