Chirywrites: THE ECONOMY

Chirywrites: THE ECONOMY

We live in interesting times. The end times, I might add. Me and my friend went to the market today. Grocery shopping has always been therapeutic today.I keep thinking it’s the way that food comes from the farm, and I love the farm. It could be the way the color green dominates the market, and I love this color so much. Anyway, that’s not the story. We are accustomed to speaking in our local dialect because, well, it’s easy. This gentleman is very friendly and goes ahead to tell us why he loves our president. Don’t get me wrong, politics is a tricky subject, so I usually try to read a book before engaging. Thankfully, he doesn’t need any of us; he just wants to talk all by himself. Here is what I learned from him: Our circumstances are not the same. For each reason that it is different, we need to know that all we have is each other. My favorite part of his rant is that he really sees the beauty in this country. He even mentioned that no matter what, each one of us deserves to enjoy what they have, and those who don’t should keep trying so we can all be okay. It got even more interesting because, according to him, we all have a story, and no matter what our stories are, we should respect each other’s process. For those of you who have already made it and don’t understand why your neighbor hasn’t, it’s not your business to belittle them. The people who haven’t made it yet have no business badmouthing those who have, for any reason under the sun. Going by his logic, do not hate the players; hate the game. We are all in the game, and the rules may be different, but the players only get each other.

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    1. Shukrani Maina

      Everyone suffers during economic decline in their own way

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