Summer Décor Ideas for Your Home

Summer Décor Ideas for Your Home

Tidying up your space for summer does not need to include a weighty spending plan or a lot of your time. The smallest changes like getting some lightweight pillows or using some breezy organic materials can make your home cool down for the hot season.

Some of the changes you can make include:

·         Storing Your Heavy Throw Blankets – you can swap your heavy blankets for lighter ones or linen throws. In addition, choose lighter colors to help make your space feel cooler.

·         Add Green Plants – update your accessories and bring in fresh seasonal greenery. Try to add color and a sense of earthiness, fresh florals, or greenery to help freshen the scent in your home.

·         Hang Breezy Drapery – hang breezy drapery to enjoy fresh air and movement when you open your windows. Choose a lightweight but dense fabric to help keep heat out of the house and block out sunlight during the hottest parts of the day.

·         Incorporate Summer Scents – visual changes are important but so are your other senses. Get candles and diffusers in citrus, floral, or beachy scents to create a sense of lightness. Integrate tastes, scents, and shades of the time, for you to undoubtedly feel invigorated and enlivened for the season ahead.


·         Incorporate The Indoors with The Outdoors – maximize your space by bringing the indoors outside and vice versa. You can make your deck or patio feel homey by incorporating comfortable seating, cushions, rugs, and lighting. In addition, create an intimate al fresco dining that invites you to dine outside during the season. 

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