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1. Clean The Brushes:

Once you are done with your makeup, do not forget to clean up the brushes and sponge. Wash these at least once a week. This is important, as harmful bacteria from your dead skin cells and sweat thrive on your makeup brushes. Deep cleaning your brushes will kill the bacteria.

2. Remove Makeup Before Bed:

It is mandatory to wash off your makeup before you go to bed. First, remove your makeup with a makeup remover, using soft cotton balls. Then, wash your face with a gentle face wash.

3. Never Share Your Makeup:

Sharing your personal makeup with others can spread bacteria. Avoid sharing makeup products.

Wrapping Up


While applying makeup regularly has some side effects, you can still use them by adopting a few healthy makeup habits. Also, when you apply makeup products daily, it calls for special care of your skin. Using good skincare products that keep your skin internally hydrated and healthy will ensure that using cosmetics will not harm your skin.

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