Jealousy comes from within

Jealousy comes from within

  1. If your friend starts to show less excitement for your accomplishments, there’s a good chance that envy is growing, especially if it happens repeatedly. If people from outside congratulate you and you find the insider quiet, run for your life. Something is cooking, an attack that might last a long time if it catches you off guard. Since their attacks are directed at your weaknesses, it is preferable to have a stated enemy rather than a buddy that changes. Keep in mind that they may disseminate the word that you are a failure since they have inside knowledge of your hardships and fights for success. But maybe they’re jealous of your advancement while they’re trapped. Information is deadly ammo, so react quickly to any change in attitude and cease allowing them unrestricted access to your life. Even if you can still be friends or acquaintances, it’s important to let them out of your head until you have a clear understanding of their thoughts.


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  1. Carson Anekeya

    Absolutely, jealousy often stems from internal feelings and insecurities that individuals grapple with. It’s an emotion that might surface due to one’s own fears, doubts, or unmet desires.

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