Effects of drug abuse on the youth

Effects of drug abuse on the youth

Drug and substance misuse is a major problem among young people in Kenya, and the number of cases is rising as a result of peer pressure, social media exposure, and drug availability. Although the majority of these substances are illegal, several nations have legalized their usage, which gives drug lords, peddlers, and smugglers a lucrative market.


The young people’s abuse of drugs and other substances has a significant impact on their life. The repercussions include truancy, sicknesses and infections, unintended pregnancies, and unexplained or unjustifiable absenteeism. Drug misuse that goes untreated can result in health problems like cancer, liver cirrhosis, HIV/AIDS, and lack of control, which can lead to rape and other STDs and infections.

Two factors can lead to unintended pregnancies: drug misuse, which puts users at risk for harm from malicious individuals, or unprotected sex, which puts women at risk for psychological damage and the inability to conceive. Drug misuse can also lead to abortions, psychological distress, and loss of ability to procreate.


Drug usage also leads to crime, particularly in young people who cannot afford to pay for their addictions. Drug usage frequently results in significant financial costs, which pushes people to sell personal items or commit small-time crimes. Another serious side effect of drug misuse is violence, which can result from arguments, fights, marital problems, and other violent situations when people don’t agree with one another.


In conclusion, there are numerous negative effects of drug and substance usage among young people in Kenya, such as illness and infections, unintended pregnancies, violent conduct, and unexplained absences from school. It is imperative that young people seek out expert assistance and support in order to overcome these detrimental practices.

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  1. Carson Anekeya

    Absolutely, drug and substance abuse among young people can have severe consequences, impacting both their health and overall well-being. Seeking professional help and guidance is crucial to break free from these harmful habits and lead a healthier life. It’s essential for communities to provide support systems that encourage and facilitate recovery and well-being among the youth.

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