• Social media.
    Social media platforms are a great source of information that is quite often coming from the first hand, telling us more than any press conferences could ever do. The majority of football players are everyday social media users with highly popular accounts. They quite often make posts revealing certain inside information that can provide punters with great insight. Another great part of social media networks is that official football clubs’ accounts on, for example, Twitter and Facebook usually post official lineups several minutes before the kickoff. This is also very useful if you are looking to place a pre-match wager.
  • Odds movement.
    Proper monitoring & odds analysis is one of the hardest and most advanced things in sports betting. It is quite time consuming and requires lots of discipline & patience. However, in order to become a great punter, you have to try it at least. The best punters are constantly monitoring bookmakers, betting exchanges and their prices. This helps them to be the first to respond to unusual odds fluctuations, which potentially carries lots of value. While we emphasise the importance of all the above points, the odds movement provides a substantially bigger reward if mastered and utilised properly. We are, in no way, trying to say that giving up on everything else and just sticking to odds monitoring is the best way to become successful in sports betting. Odds monitoring requires a large share of knowledge and analytical skills, the lack of which can severely damage your budget and betting overall.

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