Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness

Happiness, to me, is a complex and dynamic notion that has acquired new significance, especially after conquering obstacles related to my mental health. It is now more than just a transitory feeling; it is an ongoing state of happiness, a feeling of fulfillment, and a deep appreciation for all of life’s events, both significant and insignificant.

I am going to make self-care a priority since I have learned that genuine happiness starts with looking after oneself after going through the depths of mental suffering. This entails establishing boundaries, practicing self-forgiveness and kindness, and asking for assistance when required. To support my mental and emotional health, I want to make self-care a non-negotiable component of my daily routine.

I intend to foster meaningful connections because I believe that happiness is correlated with the caliber of my interactions. I have learned to appreciate the people who have supported me through my struggles and celebrated with me when I have succeeded. In the future, I want to invest more time and energy into strengthening the relationships in my life and forging new ones that will make it better and more meaningful.

I intend to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. For the longest time, I felt I didn’t live to my fullest which made me not content. I now intend to follow my passions and live a life parallel to what I have in mind. I believe living a fulfilling life is living one dictated by one’s ideal principles.

I intend to cherish the present moment: My experience with mental health issues has taught me the value of mindfulness. I have come to realize that being able to completely connect with the present moment, finding delight in small pleasures, and being appreciative of what I have are frequently the keys to happiness. I want to keep doing mindfulness exercises because they help me see the beauty in life.

I intend to adopt resiliency: Finally, resilience and happiness are linked, as I now understand them to be. It is the capacity to overcome obstacles, develop and learn from hardship, and recognize the power that comes from overcoming difficulties. Knowing that problems do not make me less capable of finding happiness but rather increase it, I vow to tackle life’s ups and downs with resilience.

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