This is a new phone in the industry of phones. This is a brand-new mobile from a new phone company operations, which goes by the name of NOTHING PHONE ONE. The company started as an earbuds operation facility which did’nt do that well but had a distinctive and solidify user experiences in its design which later they shifted to mobile phones as well.

It’s obvious you might or have seen that there could be a lot of the same similarity stuff here that we’ve already seen before or experenced on other devices as well but with nothing phone one its design in a way that they’re very distinctive and unique to be precised. 

This company was founded by Carl Pei,  who was once the former CEO of OnePlus from following the hype playbook of gradually exposing more and more information about a phone to generate interest.  

What’s new and interesting about this phone is the feature they’ve chosen as a point of making not much but more difference. 

It has a software build in OS making it almost same as a stock android but with different aesthetic touches. Nothing OS is made up of 50%  plus of plastics and the inside is made from bio-based and recycled resources  which the rails are 100% recycled aluminum.

It comes in both dark and bright colors with a transparent case that makes it easier to see from anywhere. They both have flat aluminum sides all the way around it, antenna lines strategically positioned, a power button on the right, and a volume button on the left.  The back is made of the company’s characteristic translucent gorilla glass with a pattern fixed underneath. It has  wireless coil charger which can charge upto 15watts in 110mins or normal wired charging which is upto 33watss in 60mins.


Has a glyph interface with corner hole punch selfie camera also alined with bezels all way round it, a dual camera placement of 50 megapixels which when on use it lights in red and it’s on the cameras top right and left, an also has a big one that goes all round to the wireless coil in the middle. The lights sync with any ringtone or music on your phone. It’s power consuming even with lights on upto 60 minutes it can consume like around 3% or less. It has a Touch sample is of 240 hertz but dependind on your use it can dynamically go upto 120-60 hertz.

The nothing phone is a little not that big but weighs light, 6.55 inches,1080p OLED with 1200 nits of brightness, has a snapdragon of 778G plus with upto 128 to 256 gigs storage and 12gigs of ram size with an underneath fingerdisplay.

 The nothing OS phone also can be seem like an iphone cause its appearance shape as well as its normal smooth and responsiveness inshort it’s more like an iphone in different covered phone type.

Something More impressive about the NOTHING PHONE which is or going to be are the tesla controls which according to the phone’s authorities said that it will soon going to have the tesla car control features included, whereby it will be applicable to those who own tesla and have the tesla app. Which will depend more on the experimental feature sections.

The nothing OS it’s not a top tier phone but it’s fast in responsiveness while in use has much more uniqueness. When it comes to it’s cost its’s not of a cheap corner cutting to set a certain price but its for making different experiences for its users. WithPrices ranging from 300 to400 euros upto 499 just accordingly to your choices of model which sums upto 8/128 or 8/256 versions.


>It’s ip53 easy responsivness when playing games with an upto 12gigs ram.

>it has a battery life of upto 4500milliamp an hour inside which is tremendous and exciting.

>the haptics are very solid which is a good thing in a phone.

>it supports 15watts of wireless and 33watts of wired charging which can last you in just 60mins.

>has 114 degree ultra wide, Ois and f1.8 with 50 megapixels exellent for photo taking.

>HDR 120 htz OLED amazing colour accuracy during day and night


>has high price but too little hyping stuffs as much as any good phone you might know of this is not it.

>has stereo speakers with dissapointing quality sounds with low headspeakers almosting muting..

>has an ip53 water resistant which can’t protect from dunking, water plash or wiping down on it.

 >photos deteriotate when having no enough lights also shutters adding bunch of noises when on moving objects.

>has a weak protection egress.

So basically we know for sure one thing which is a fact about the phone industry market is that if you’re a new company, you will need to give consumers a reason to choose you over the monotonously, established brands that most people buy each and every time in the market. These NOTHING PHONE ONE which i reviewed on is openly seen has approved it’s invention of being completely different and a little bit can say very unusual to compare. Can recommend on getting one since it’s not a flag-killer but a bit mid-ranger can say but the NOTHING PHONE is a great experience, Big up to the Carl pei and his team.


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