Confronting mediocrity

Confronting mediocrity

Confronting mediocrity


The first step towards attaining excellence and achieving success at any level in realm of life: is confronting mediocrity.

I must admit that confronting mediocrity is not something that comes naturally, or it is not an easy adventure. It is very challenging engagement to undertake. The engagement require an intentional mind, a willing spirit and fighting attitude to do it.

Before much ado, the meaning and causes of mediocrity are very basic in this process. Mediocrity is defined by two key words; standard and quality. That’s the lowest standard of everything on one hand, poorest quality of anything on the other hand.

Mediocrity is a mental problem that is produces the lowest standard and poorest quality in life of individual. Mediocrity is more of mental and behavioural and social than it is naturally.

The main cause of mediocrity is a continued deception in a wrong environment. The moment deception creeps in a mind of a person it forms wrong ideologies about identity, personality and destiny. These wrong ideologies in the mind result to low standards and poor qualities in life.

For long mediocrity have taken majority captives of their minds: to settle for less in everything. It has persuaded many to remain in status quo and it has denied many to access their full potential, that is reason the world is becoming more chaotic and disastrous.

Thus, pursuing excellence and achieving success is worth course that demands personal commitment and sacrifice to overcome mental strongholds of deception and accepting transformational pillars of truth that would produce highest standards and best qualities in life. 

Chapter 1 from The Hallmark of success booklet. Written in 2015 by Prince Danson. 



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