too busy writing history to read it.

How great could that be. Living fully every day that you don’t have time to chill and dwell in your past. Kanye West actually said those words. Kanye, no doubt, lives his life on the extreme and I’m sure that man shall be remembered for many years after he’s gone. We can’t live Kanye’s life, we can’t copy what he does; we do have our own lives to live, besides we are neither that rich nor famous. So how can one live their life in a way dope enough to inspire a biopic movie, one thing to understand though is that living life to the fullest is not about being super rich happy all the time, no, living life to the fullest is experiencing the various aspects of life, the highs and lows, the; sadness, losses, happiness, love, enemies etc.

Life has to be made up of ups and downs, like a cardiogram shows the ups and downs to indicate the hearts pulse of a person when they are alive and runs flat when they are dead. So, it is very normal for life to be full of highs and lows.

I am still relatively young and have not experienced a lot, but I continue to learn each day and here are some tips regarding living life that I have picked up along the journey.

Ø  Be yourself. You can’t be recognized/remembered for doing the things that everyone else does. We are all unique, but society almost programs our minds to follow certain paths in life, which we do, subconsciously. Most of our brilliant ideas are drowned out by the floods of what we think and what we think others will think. We see them as too outside the box, or you tell them to someone and they suggest that your idea will never work. There is a probability that what you are trying to do will not work which means that there is a chance that it might work, and if it does, you shall be on that pen writing history.

Ø  Fail. Failure intimidates the majority of us. We are always thinking “what if I fail?” before we even begin something. The fact is, you are bound to fail, not even once, numerous times, but failure is not fatal. Once you fail for the first few times, you’ll realize that you can always pull through failures. Plus, failing at something indicates that you just found a method that doesn’t work, so in your next attempt, you are wiser.

Ø  Aim for the stars. Bruce Lee said it best, “don’t fear failure-Not failure, but low aim is the crime. In great attempts it is glorious even to fail.” Things seem impossible until they are done. Usain Bolt’s record seemed impossible to break until someone came along and broke it. Landing people on Mars seems like a pipe dream but that is what all this tech we use today seemed like, years ago. You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you think you deserve.

Ø  Worry about yourself. This does not mean you become a heartless narcissistic individual, no, instead realize that in this journey of life, everyone’s assignment is different. Don’t liken yourself to others, everyone is different. Most of the people whom are copied are the ones who embraced their uniqueness and show it off. That is why art is so captivating, art is unique never seen before things. Keeping up with the Joneses is like living away your one and only life like someone else.

Ø  Seek experiences. Doesn’t matter if they are good or bad. A great life is made up of both. Don’t be the over-cautious person always looking for the downsides of things/ places before indulging. It is important to learn from others but experiencing things first hand is writing history. Someone somewhere will always have something negative to say about literally anything, people out here are even pointing out shortcomings of million-dollar Bugattis and 7-star hotels. Don’t be the person whose actions are based on others opinions; fall in love, go to clubs, dance etc. (But be safe don’t put yourself in life threatening situations intentionally)

Ø  Realize that life is not short at all if you lived it right. Imagine if a weekend was five days long, would everyone be looking forward to it? At first everyone would love it, then loath it as it would get too boring. Would you really enjoy a year-long vacation even if it was in your dream destination? You think you would, but you would not. That’s the same with life, imagine if an average human’s lifespan was 200 years, life would get boring at your 20’s knowing you have like 180 years left to live. The limited time we have should be motivation to go out there and do things.

Ø  Travel. Travelling around the world is not achievable by many, but travelling is not only about going to distant, exotic and expensive places. Travel and explore your own country, you have a lot of things to see there and beautiful destinations to take pictures of. When you can afford it, jump on a plane and go where you’ve always wanted to go.

Ø  Form connections with people. No one can live life alone. When you were born, a nurse/midwife helped deliver you and when you die, your body will have to be carried to the grave by people. Many people are already introverts and tech is making them even more introverted as everything is being delivered to your doorstep, dating is now on the apps and work is done remotely. Creation of genuine human connections is the reason the world is as wonderful as it is today, it is the reason you exist, so try to talk to more people, these people will help you build companies, be your customers or even be your life partner.

Something to keep in mind is, life has no specific, formulated way to be lived, to have a more fulfilling life you have to be willing to follow the unconventional path that only you seem to understand. You also don’t have to follow what you have just read above. Life is not as complicated as we perceive it to be, it gets unfair at times but being alive is the single biggest privilege anyone can have, it is like the canvas where you can lay everything else. If life was a purchasable thing, people could do literally anything to afford that extra one, so with this one you get make the most out of it.

Run like the asphalt is melting behind you.

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