towards the infinite supply of love, joy and peace that is always accessible and found within. Pulling us away from the constant desires of wanting more and suffering when we are not having/don’t have enough. And gently nudges us to the bottomless well of love, peace and joy found within us.

Surrender To The Depth Within You

These are the beautiful ways that our intuitive awakenings benefit us immediately after opening our third eye. We can access parts of ourselves that once may have seemed unreachable.

There can be fear around opening our third eye, but that is only created through the fear itself. As your energy is directed by your thoughts, if you are afraid and feel you will have a negative experience through your awakening, then that is what you are creating. If you are trusting and surrendering to a beautiful loving depth within you, that is what you will access and experience. You move as fast as your conscious and subconscious allow you to on your path of awakening. The more you surrender and trust, the more powerfully you will connect.

Michael Otieno

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