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The Power of Morning Routine

The Power of Morning Routine

We often overlook the power of morning routine. As we advance towards digital and fast-paced life, our healthy lifestyle routine is compromised for the sake of our work. Jobs are becoming remote and so we are becoming night owls who work late. It is highly suggested to shift your work to the daytime and create a morning routine.

Only early birds can benefit from a healthy and powerful morning routine. A lot of potential is waisted when one ignores the power of morning routine. Setting your alarm clock a little early and starting your morning in a powerful way can have so many benefits that will do wonders in your life. 

If you have control over your morning, you can manage everything your day demands. A healthy morning routine helps you be more productive, achieve your goals, feel more organized, and increase your confidence. Take the first step toward success by setting your alarm clock an hour earlier.

Tips for Building a Healthy Morning Routine

Tips for Building a Healthy Morning Routine

Tips for Building a Healthy Morning Routine

Here are some tips to help you get a healthy morning routine. Implementing these practices will make you more productive and creative and give you control over your entire day!.

  • Set the alarm a bit earlier. It is said that “Success comes to those who have the willpower to win over their snooze buttons.”

Eric Goldschein and Gus Lubin, in their article “23 Successful People Who Wake Up Really Early“, listed many successful people who get up early in the morning, including Apple CEO Tim Cook and Disney CEO Robert Iger and many more.

  • Don’t hit the snooze button. Many of us snooze our alarms in the morning to get an additional five minutes of sleep, but the next thing we know is that we’ve slept an hour late and have to rush.
  • Move Your Body. Phone-detox your mornings. Do not lie down for hours and scroll through social media. Get out of your bed and work out!
  • Fuel your body. How we fuel our bodies in the morning profoundly affects our physical health, energy levels, and performance. So make sure you have a healthy breakfast every day.
  • Workout. Take time to exercise, whether walking around the block or doing yoga at home. Just avoid being sedentary.
  • Make a to-do list. Make a list of the tasks you need to do first, such as housework or preparing lunch, etc. It will help you focus and prioritize where your energy and efforts go. 

The Power of Morning Routine

Morning routine

Morning routine

There are so many benefits to having a healthy morning routine and implementing it daily. Here are some of them:

Better Health

With a healthy routine, you wake up a little earlier, have time to exercise and have a good breakfast in the morning. This morning routine will quickly and permanently lead you to a better health, which affects your activities throughout the day.

You Feel In Control

Even though the morning routine is a small part of your day, when you do it, you feel like you have control over your life. Journaling your day allows you to maintain control over your schedule rather than your schedule controlling you.

More Organized

For many of us, mornings are often chaotic. Due to time constraints, we rush through getting out of bed to getting in the car, and everything in between. A healthy morning routine helps us be more organized and eliminates vagueness. 

It gives us plenty of time to do everything peacefully. It also gives us a more detailed and organized picture of the day.

Reduces Stress

According to research, waking up early in the morning helps reduce stress and contributes to the overall well-being. 

When you control your morning, you will know what to do, how, and when to do it, which will inevitably help reducing your stress. You will find that when you are less stressed, you will start the day with more energy and a more positive mindset.

Mitigates Depression 

Waking up early also contributes to fighting depression. A study by the University of Colorado Boulder and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard says waking up an hour earlier reduces depression by 23%.

For example, night owls are twice as likely to develop depression than morning people. 

Increases Productivity

A highly organized life and a healthy mental state result in high productivity. The morning routine helps us set the tone for the day, which helps us manage our time better.

Having a good start of the day will help you better focus on what is important and ultimately, increase your productivity. 

When you successfully follow your morning routine, you will have a sense of accomplishment, and this feeling will last throughout the day and will not let you waste your time.

Boosts Confidence

You will automatically feel more confident, calm, and collected. A morning routine helps you stay healthy. It boosts your happy hormones and boosts your confidence. 

Helps Achieve Your Goals

A morning routine helps you achieve your goals. It better stages your day, prioritizing your goals, giving you effective time-management skills, and increasing your productivity to help you achieve your goals.

Bloom Your Relationship

Many of us are guilty of venting out frustration and anger on our loved ones. When we feel overwhelmed and stressed, our emotions can easily be reflected in our relationships with the important people in our lives. When we are less stressed, the quality of our relationships naturally improves. If we feel positive, we automatically radiate this positivity to others.

Final Thoughts on The Power of Morning Routine

Being too busy in life, we have ignored the power of morning routine. Whether you want to have control over your day or want to be more productive and less stressful, just having a healthy morning routine will help you get there. 

Morning is a treasure that only those who get up early get to benefit from. A healthy morning routine will allow you to start your day with confidence and a positive attitude, which will help you perform more effectively. 

You can do this. Just be consistent!

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