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Mental health is a condition that comprises of emotional, psychological and social wellness which affects the way we think, feel and behave. Mental health is a crucial aspect in every human being and one needs to make sure that they are able to positively respond to different factors that may negatively affect it.

There are several ways in which you can determine whether your mental health is at a risk and these methods include the following:

v  Self-isolation – This is an act by the affected persons where they tend to withdraw themselves from either friends or family or avoiding going to either events or places they used to like.

v  Too long or short sleep

v  Too much or minimized food consumption.

v  Low energy

v  Substance abuse

v  Hopeless feeling

v  Sometimes feel the urge of violence.

v  They tend to become too lazy

v  Rational arguments

In this article we managed to put together a list of some of the most important mental health boosters to consider putting in place and these are;

1.      Active community participation

We already said earlier that mentally ill persons tend to isolate themselves from the rest and this may never be able to solve their problem but only make it both worse and more dangerous. Community participation means that the affected people live with the rest and are never allowed to ever sit or work alone and this will one way or the other boost their chances of recovery because people have kept their burdens as their greatest secrets and this never gets easy but after talking to each other you are not only encouraged but also discover that whatever you are going through is keeping someone else captivity and you would never easily be extremely affected by the effects of mental illness but rather be interested in motivating each other to stay strong and see yourselves through your darkest moments.

2.      Respecting boundaries

People keep boundaries either because they don’t want to be bothered by a large circle or because they have principles to respect. We are frequently angered by people who did not mean to hurt us but we are hurt because we either mistook these people or had much better expectations from them which they could never manage to meet. You need to know your worth in peoples’ lives which helps you realize how much you mean to them and thus evaluate the depth of expectation you may have in them. Some people may be too much out of your league and you still risk it by expecting them to offer back as much as you do and this might be one of the most embarrassing moments of your life which continuously pushed you to excess thoughts and possible depression. You should learn to study, analyze and if possible draw the best conclusions on the type of relationship you hold with the other party.

3.      Personal care

Care starts with yourself because you do not expect people to offer you what you don’t offer to yourself. Self-care is the act of determining what is best for you and doing it frequently today, tomorrow, the day after and so many more times. Progressively doing what your heart feels comfortable with is another form of medication from the chains of life. You may never realize how important this is but as long as it is done right, the results will surely show without delay. Personal care runs from eating your favorite meals, watching your favorite show, listening to your favorite music and too much more. This will end up making you feel alive once again and thus feeling alive once again and this is obviously the first step to maintaining your mental health.

4.      Get a hobby

Hobbies are the acts loved by the heart and they help us feel comfortable with our ever changing environment. You never realize how much uncomfortable you are if you make your passion choices right and integrate them with your normal life. This is being said from a real life situation where I had a close friend struggling to manage a normal lifestyle. He was always isolated and on his phone but after a successful therapy he was advised to grow some love for something physical and I could take him for movies, pool table challenges and football in the evening and trust me in less than a month he now looks as mentally stable as never before. Despite the fact that the healing process is not yet complete I have a feeling that he can now stay alone without thinking about doing anything stupid. If you have been struggling with your mental health they I think it is time you engage yourself into something active rather than sitting back to just overthink.

5.      Sufficient sleep

It is said that a normal human being needs at least 7 hours of sleep per night. This might be challenging to some of the people based on their daily timetables and their tight schedules in order to meet the requirements of their occupations. I believe that adequate sleep time helps to relax your mind freeing it from its previously tiresome activities and prepare it for the next day.  If the mind does not find enough time to relax then I honestly think that this will not only keep it extremely tired due to pile ups but also equally dangerous with a possibility of instabilities. If your occupation does not give you enough time to relax then I suggest that you request for a helper where you would perform your duties in shifts and that may give you better chances of stability. If situations force then you can also consider finding a more appealing job.

6.      Personal health

The body is a system that comprises of actively communicating interconnected systems that help each other properly work and respond to various situations. In cases of some failures in the system, the body may not be able to function properly with the rest and thus it is your turn to make sure that your body systems are being taken care of and this will help you feel all round positive about life.

7.      Anger control

Anger is another larger problem in peoples’ lives. Many people have experienced anger issues due to their inability to forgive or forget what other people did to them. I would recommend that you take your time to understand why any of these things happened and stay positive. This will help you to control how you respond to all that has already happened. I remember a time I had a grudge with one of my friends and I was advised to let go of the past and focus on the future because we cannot change the happenings of the past but the future is in our hands to shape.

8.      Maintaining a healthy friend’s circle

As the saying ‘show me your friends and I will tell you who you are’, our friends are said to define us better that anything else. If you need to be mentally healthy then I would highly recommend that you ensure that your friends are healthy and their actions do not affect you. If in any case you happen to only have a circle in a situation just like yours, you may never be in a position to recover because you may all never be able to realize your best chances of recovering but you tend to concentrate on being worried about each other which lands you into more trouble.

9.      Speak out

Speaking out is the most efficient way to handle your mental problems. I had another female friend who had some mental illness but would always make it sound like she was joking every time she told us about her condition because she used to say that her brain was overriding thus making it sound like she was a machine. But we could just start from that point and speak to her about her condition and after several talks with her we eventually realized that her condition was more serious than we thought so we had to take some extreme care and measures including involving step 10. If your friends understand you then I guess they would be your best chance of getting rid of any issues you have.

10.  Consulting a therapist

If you have tried all the above methods but there are no signs of recovery then this last option might work best for you. Therapists are some of the best people in the world right now and there is an increasing demand for them as more people need their services. Today’s world is in a no joke mode nearly 2 in every ten people have mental illness. A therapist listens to you carefully and is able to determine your best methods of recovery ranging from psychological sessions to medication.

If you or some of your friends are having issues based on mental health then the above methods are the most effective when dealing with mental illness thus you should consider employing them or letting your friends know about them.





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