The only way to happiness

The only way to happiness

In the warld we live in people have different ways of happiness, some do drugs to find happiness and some end up being serious killers to find happiness but that is the wrong way to do it the only way to find happiness is through God and we all knows it. Some just can’t accept it but the truth is true happiness is found in the path of God and for you to find it you must believe in Jesus christ the son of God. Sometimes you might think that you are good in any way but the truth is that you are not. No matter how you are happy and you don’t believe in God there will always be a valid somewhere within you. A darkness that will always torment you when you are about to do something good. Be all carefully with how you handle your happiness because without God you will never be happy.

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  1. Kezziah Ruheni

    He is the path to light and all is vanity without God. Only in God we find true happiness.

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