Most of us ask ourselves about fate and Islamic as a religion made it easy to explain that the Almighty Allah/God has and did planned every single deed,thought and talks of every creature before it was created…something might happan and you will hear from us human beings saying that this is fate….yes!!that fate you are tlking about is the Qadar…..we are asked as believers to strongly believe in our fates/qadar ,pray hard for our fates to be changed and be the best…..as muslim believer you should know that qadar makes our faith/imaan strong,simply its among the pillars of imman.As we know we need to build our faith for our religion to be strong and increase the God fearing ability.

it’s high time we accept that Allah is above s and He’s the best of planners, controller deeds and provider of rizk.

our imaans are growing weak daily because  we lose faith in Allah’s qadar,will we really continue this way is  He going to accept our prayers if we are going to make Dua with weak faith,consider this everyday,and if death come now what are we going to tell Him,the almighty.

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