Believing in Christ Jesus

Believing in Christ Jesus

with Christ every impossibilities become possible and every mountain,, flattens,, so my brother lets put our hope in Christ for He never disappoints ,,  He says halleluyah .Who ever puts  Their hope in Him they will never been disappointed,, but whoever trust a man is already cursed,, lets believe and trust in Christ alone.Christ  came only for those who does believe,,, so for those does not believe in Christ they are not associated with Christ,,, neither Christ does not Know them,, but for those who believe and put their trust in Him ,, they really have aportion in the lot of Christ’ in Heaven,, so there is a lot of benefits of believing and trusting in Christ.Now,For this Christ love,, i can say he is worthy of Praise.

 Now,,he has send me to proclaim the good news to His people,, To testify his works to different races of people,, to welcome many in His Kingdom,,, and those who believe and confess with their lip,, they be baptist in the name of the Father, Then Son, and of the Holy Spirit

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  1. Carson Anekeya

    Great religious insight. Thanks for sharing.

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