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Life is not perfect and most of us have , and we all ecounter hard challenges in life, that have broke us or nearly broke us. It could be, loosing a job, a loved one,  a break up, failing in an exam, loosing a pet , loosing a child or miscarriage and many more. 

Grief is how the mind expresses distress, especially after significant loss, and it comes with alot of sorrow or sadness. The mind usually tries to express grief in different ways, some people may cry, others not eat, others eat alot and gain weigh, others grief and cut people off. We take different periods of times to grief, depends on the weight of the loss and the strength you have to get over the sorrow. 

There are stages of grief , as I list these stages, one doesn’t have to follow the stages as they are. 

They include;

  • Denial – Often when or recieves a news about a loss he/she tends to get numb, this is where someone is ‘ignoring’ that he/she has lost  someone or something. It has not hit them that they have gone through loss. Here one is numb to emotions.
  • Anger – In this stage one is where emotions are all over the place, he/she has strong negative emotions towards lets say death, people often here, may drink alot as they are angry or become violent. One feels like they don’t deserve to have lost something/someone valuable
  • Brgaining – It is hard to accept that there is nothing we can do  change a certain bad circumstance,so in this stage people tend to make deals with themselves or God. Often there is where someone often uses the words “what if”, for example, “what if we had met at 2pm maybe he wouldn’t gotten into that accident a 4pm”, here you start , or God why did you take him not me .
  • Depression – When finally one has accepted that they have lost something or someone valuable, they start now realising that it would not be the same sadly, the sorrowful emotions start becoming overwhelming, this is a sensitive stage as one often tends to drift from people, feel worthless, hopelessness staarts to creep in. That is why its important to always check in on each when going through  grief. Coming into terms and accepting that you have had a loss, is among the hardest and most painful realities , that other people aren’t strong enough to even handle it, they try harming themselves or getting into addictio
  • Acceptance – after all and have now come into terms about what you are going through one now comes into peace with reality  and tries to move on.

Lets be kind to one another.


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  1. Carson Anekeya

    This concise overview delineates the stages of grief: denial, marked by emotional numbness; anger, with intense negative emotions; bargaining, involving attempts to make deals or alter circumstances; depression, characterized by overwhelming sorrow; and acceptance, as individuals come to terms with their loss and seek to move forward. Great insight.

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