Team work will keep you together

Team work will keep you together


Because your husband’s appearance and attitude set the tone in the house, it is imperative that you, as his wife, take care of how you look. I don’t suggest that you wear heels or makeup at home. Rather, clothing for indoor use should have a stylish aesthetic, with pyjamas and nightgowns selected with the same attention to detail and taste as other clothing.


However, after getting married or having children, a lot of women stop trying to look their best, and they sometimes wing it when they go out with their partners. It is imperative that you continue to dress in a womanly manner and that you never lose your individuality because you take on new roles and titles.

Guys, watch what you say to your wives. She will remember what you say for the rest of her life. Stay silent and refrain from making cruel jokes about her if you are unable to speak in a kind and compassionate manner. 



If she’s willing to learn, teach her how you want to be spoken to; if not, tame her if she’s reluctant or has a habit of doing it. Let the standoff demonstrate to her that you will not tolerate it by setting a strong limit. End the relationship with her if she won’t change.

These actions are the same for women as they are for men who are verbally abusing them. Never respond to nasty talk with nasty language, and when someone says something upsetting, keep quiet and consider your next move carefully. 

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  1. Carson Anekeya

    Great insight urging us on the importance of teamwork. Thanks for sharing.

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