Do this at 22 so you don’t regret at 72

Do this at 22 so you don’t regret at 72

At 22, one must prioritize building meaningful relationships and connections. This is a pivotal time to form friendships, network, and seek out experiences that foster personal growth. Neglecting this crucial social development may lead to regrets at 72. As you age, it becomes progressively challenging to forge new relationships and maintain existing ones. The bonds you create in your early twenties often shape your support system and emotional well-being throughout life. Missing out on these opportunities could result in loneliness and isolation in later years.


Additionally, taking calculated risks and pursuing your passions is vital. At 22, you have the freedom to explore various career paths, hobbies, and adventures. Regret may arise at 72 if you didn’t seize the chance to chase your dreams or challenge yourself. Embrace uncertainty, learn from failures, and don’t let fear hold you back. Ultimately, at 22, it’s essential to live boldly, connect deeply, and chase your aspirations to ensure a fulfilling life free from the burden of missed opportunities in your later years.

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  1. Michael Otieno

    Thanks for the information

  2. Damaris Mukami

    True, major life decisions are meant to be made during the 20’s since there is room to fail and try again.

  3. Lyda Dorcas

    That’s a fact but the regrets nowadays come as early as 55

  4. Teresia Mwaura

    Live and enjoy while you can and never regret take it as a lesson

  5. Joy Ngeny

    we ought not to be afraid rn to take risks

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