Act like the prize you are

Act like the prize you are

Physical appeal attracts men, but your morals as a woman keep them grounded. They are drawn to you because of your beauty, but as soon as they get close, they think you treat all men the same way. He can stay for practical reasons and advantages if you are overly attached and clinging. But he will immediately desert you if you encounter a woman of substance who won’t let him fool around with her.


Men are always attempting to get in touch with you because of your beauty You are regarded as a unique spice and delectable dish all mixed together because of your beauty, which is a sweet energy and calming aroma.People who claim that having sex is not a big deal are just trying to get you for less money. But you don’t realize your own worth, therefore you don’t guard it.


When you’re ready to tie the knot, go on a date for marriage rather than when you’re just a suspended girlfriend. Recall that women experience life with greater intensity and are more emotionally complex than males, even when it comes to falling in love. Meet plenty of men at the same time and maintain strict physical boundaries to prevent emotional attachment. He will recognize that you’re a rare breed in a society full of loose morals and depravity, and he will stop at nothing to marry you and have you all to himself. Since you are the winner, conduct yourself as one.

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