5 Major ways to make money online

5 Major ways to make money online


Content Creation
Technological advances in the modern world have seen many income generating platforms come through content creation come into existence. Platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, just to mention a few have devised a way through which it’s users can monetize their content, be it videos or blogs.
Online Writing
In addition, many people have started doing online writing where they are paid to write articles, assignments and to teach. Skilled writers get hired to write and get a pay.

Most people in the modern generation are familiar with freelancing. This is where you offer services that you are skilled in to people who require them globally. For example, a person who is fluent in both written and spoken English and let’s say, for example, Spanish can decide to be a freelancer, majoring in translation to help those who don’t understand the other language and get paid

Affiliate marketing
Another major way of generating revenue online is through affiliate programs. Here, a person promotes services or products from a chosen niche and company and gets a commission per every successful referral. This can be done through blogs or video tutorials where you then refer people buy the products you are promoting and you get paid.

People who are highly active in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok enjoy massive likes and followers. This can be used as an advantage as one might get hired as a brand ambassador to advertise a business and get paid.

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