Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories


This is a real-life ghost story from Pakistan. 

“So two weeks ago, I was using my phone at night in bed while scrolling through TikTok, and I heard my mom calling me from downstairs, I was confused as to why she was calling me downstairs considering it was the middle of the night. However I still got up from my bed to go and while I was tying my hair to go downstairs, I heard her call me again and this time it sounded different, her voice sounded more profound than usual. I went to my parents’ room and saw both of them were fast asleep, I ran back to my room and started reading the Holy Verse from the Quran for protection. But this spirit or person kept calling my name and the voice deepened. This creeped me out and I started crying, however, I tried falling asleep which I eventually did. The next morning I told my parents about the whole situation and they said it was probably my imagination considering how tired I was, I also thought that would be the case. On the next day, during the evening I went outside to get my laundry from the washing machine and I saw a lady standing next to a large tree in my backyard, I tried screaming and moving but I could not, my mother saw me from the kitchen window and then the lady looked up and I saw she had pitch black eyes and a wide smile, she then vanished. I fainted and when I woke up, I told my parents the whole situation. My parents got worried and went to an Ismalic scholar he led worshippers in prayer the same day the Ismalic scholar came to my house and read the whole Quran and sorts of prayers on a nail, and then he nailed the nail onto that tree, and that same night, we heard all sorts of people screaming and shouting for help and other types of screams. The screams lasted for about five minutes and then the next day we invited the Ismalic scholar and he said based on the research he did, that tree was home to many spirits but all of them had left now. However, to this day, I am still scared and I always feel this situation would happen again.”

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