Tips For Healthy Eating While Ordering Out

Tips For Healthy Eating While Ordering Out

In today’s fast-paced world, where time is a precious commodity, ordering food online or opting for ready-to-eat meals has become a delicious reality for many. Whether you’re living solo, juggling work and family life, or simply seeking convenience, the allure of piping hot dishes delivered to your doorstep is hard to resist. But in the midst of this modern dining trend, the age-old question lingers – can we still eat healthy while indulging in the delights of eating out?Here’s the good news: eating out or ordering food doesn’t have to be a compromise on your well-being.


There’s a way to strike that perfect balance between flavour and nutrition. While bulk-cooked dishes may sometimes hide excessive oils, salt, and packaged ingredients, fret not! With a few savvy tips and tricks up your sleeve, you can navigate the world of dining out and still enjoy all the benefits of a nutritious meal.Also Read: Mindful Eating: A Relaxing Approach For Your Journey To Good Health

1. Choose The Right Place

Research and find eateries that prioritize using fresh ingredients and offer seasonal options. Opt for places that cook in small batches to ensure the quality and freshness of the meals.

2. Stock Your Fridge With Essentials

Keep your refrigerator stocked with a variety of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and dairy products. This way, when you order one or two items, you can easily complement them with a balanced meal prepared at home.

3. Create A Balanced Meal

Understand what constitutes a balanced meal and apply the same principle while ordering. Include a product from each food group – a healthy carb, protein, vegetables, yogurt, salad, and fruit.

4. Mind Your Portions

Pay attention to portion sizes by eating on your own plate rather than directly from the containers. Fill half your plate with vegetables, one-fourth with protein, one-fourth with carbs, and add some dairy to complete the meal.

5. Customize Your Order

If you find a favourite dish, but it’s prepared with excessive oil, request for a lighter version. Alternatively, order one cooked dish and supplement it with healthier choices from home, like a fresh salad or yogurt.

6. Seek Out Healthier Options

Choose eateries that offer healthier alternatives, such as brown rice instead of white, grilled instead of fried options, and millet roti or porridge. Opt for simpler versions of dishes, like dal without the additional tadka or a nutritious sprout salad.

7. Go Easy On Desserts

Commercially prepared desserts are often high in fat and sugar. Substitute them with a serving of fresh fruit to satisfy your sweet cravings.

8. Start With Healthy Snacking

Before your main meal arrives, munch on a salad or have a handful of nuts or boiled sprouts to avoid overeating and ensure you consume a balanced meal.

9. Avoid Complimentary Add-ons

Be cautious of complimentary extras offered by restaurants, as they may not align with your healthy eating goals. Steer clear of sugary drinks, extra servings of fried food, or unnecessary add-ons.

10. Choose Freshly Cooked Meals

Opt for freshly cooked meals instead of frozen or packaged ready-to-cook options to ensure you receive the maximum nutritional benefits.By following these simple tips and making mindful choices, you can maintain your health and enjoy the convenience of eating out without compromising on nutrition.

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