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Smoke out some of the astonishing street cuisine

Smoke out some of the astonishing street cuisine

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Strolling around the Kenyan streets? Below are some of the street foods you can try out.

The street food is the dish prepared or cooked by vendors in the street or other public location for immediate consumption. Some of the most popular in Kenya include;


These are skewered meet varying from beef, mutton and goat meat. They are usually marinated with the blend of Kenyan spices beforehand to ensure they are tender after grilling on open charcoal. It is also known as kebab in many other countries. It is usually served with salad known as kuchumburi locally and baked potatoes. If you prefer the spicy one can also be uvuiluble.


This is definitely one of the most popular Kenyan street dish. There are two varieties, one that is filled with blood and another one that contains minced meat. Every town has their own way of making it but in simple terms, the goat or beef tripe is filled with blood and boiled for the blood to cook. It is then cut into small pieces and served with salad or bone soup mostly in the evenings along the roadside. The delicacy is also affordable as it can go for as low as Ksh 20. 

Smokie pusuu

This is prepared by splitting smokie into two halves and filling it with salad and other toppings such as chili and tomato sauce. The sausage is usually already cooked and the vendor is required to only re- heat before selling hence it is easy to prepare. They are often sold alongside boiled eggs in white trolleys around many streets and towns. The delicacy can be addictive if one is not careful.

Viuzi kurui

This is the potato snack that is prepared by boiling potatoes then coating it with chili- sour butter before frying them until they are golden brown. They are usually crunchy on the outside while soft on the inside and are served with chutney and slathered spicy sauce. The dish is mouth watering and can be addictive hence you will surely get another plate after finishing your first serving.

Fried cassava

This is mostly found in the coastal region of Kenya locally known as kuchiri. It is prepared by slicing fresh cassava into chips and frying them. They are pucked in different packet sizes ranging from small to large and one is free to choose the size of their liking. It is seasoned by sprinkling chili flakes, salt and squeezing fresh lemon juice on them. It is safe as it is prepared while the customer is watching.

Grilled maize

This is popular all over the African continent especially south ufricu and is simply corn on the cob that is buttered and grilled. The crunchy texture is often slathered with lime, salt and chili making it sweet. This is one suitable street dish for vegetarians as it is not only sweet but also healthy. It can be referred to as shopping staple as it is easy to get hold of it while walking around the streets. The delicacy is locally known as muhindi chomu and can go for as low as Ksh 10.

Waste no more time and go grub the dish of your choice as all these delicacies are waiting for you.






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    viazi karai and smokie pasua are the best

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