Birthday Gifts You Can Get for $50 or Less

Birthday Gifts You Can Get for $50 or Less

Getting your loved one a birthday gift can be challenging. To give them a gift, you must understand what they like. If you give your loved one a gift they hate, they may sell it much to your disappointment. Also, some people feel pressured to give out an expensive gift thanks to social media. On YouTube alone, there are videos of people gifting each other cars.

Thankfully, you do not need to spend a lot of money on birthday gifts. Did you know you can get a good gift for $50 or less? You probably think the amount is too little to get a meaningful gift, so here are some birthday gifts to convince you.

Fanny Pack

Typically, women walk around with purses. However, you can help your woman switch things up by getting her a fanny pack. Fanny packs can be fashionable as they come in different colors, styles and materials. Since fanny packs are unisex, you can also buy your man a fanny pack. Understandably, some men may be reluctant to accept it as a birthday gift. They may wonder how to wear it in a masculine way. Luckily, you can wear it in many ways, e.g. across the chest, on the waist and on the shoulder.

Besides being attractive, they are travel-friendly. If you have a few items, you do not need to carry a backpack or suitcase. Fanny packs can house things like money, documents or toiletries.


If you have dated your partner long enough, you should know what fragrance they like. Once you know their preferred scent, you can get that perfume. Buying this gift proves how observant you are. Another reason perfumes make fantastic birthday gifts is due to their luxurious nature. How would you feel if someone bought a luxurious gift for you? Of course, you would feel special.

Sometimes, you may want to take the risk of buying a different perfume scent for your partner. As you know, your partner may not like a certain fragrance. What you could do is to get a sample-size perfume before you buy the entire bottle.

Personalized Photo Frame

While going out on dates with your partner, there are many photos you must have taken together. Perhaps you went out on a picnic or to a spa. You can choose your preferred photo you took together and make it big enough to fit in a photo frame. Even better, you can develop a photo of just your partner. A photo frame is thus a good way of cherishing some memories.

A personalized photo frame demonstrates how much effort you put into it. You must buy a frame, choose a photo, and then develop it. Bonus points if you manage to choose a shape or color that your partner likes.


Let’s face it; a lot of people find reading boring. Thankfully, there are people who love to read. So, if your partner likes to read novels, you should get them one. Of course, you must find out what genre they like. You wouldn’t want to buy a sci-fi novel for someone who hates the genre, would you? Regardless of your partner’s preferred genre, they get to escape into a different world. Sometimes we need the escape because it can get depressing to think about how tough your life is.

Novels contain a lot of conversation starters. For instance, your loved one’s novel could be about crime. If you have nothing to talk about, your partner could always talk about the theme addressed in the novel. By talking about crime, you will even mention the recent ones talked about in the news.

Spa Visit

Not every birthday gift has to be tangible. You can take your partner to a spa. Being at the spa gives your partner the opportunity to unwind and de-stress. Therefore, your partner does not even need alcohol for that. Once at the spa, your partner can choose their preferred spa treatments. Some treatments to choose from, include body wraps, massages and facials.

You could leave your partner at the spa if you like. However, it would make you seem unromantic. Why not book a spa visit together and bond over your experience? The spa is a peaceful environment, which is ideal for partners to enjoy quality time. As a result, you will strengthen each other’s relationship.

Wireless Speaker

Wired speakers can be a pain in the neck. First, you could trip over the wires as you transport it. Also, the wires can get so entangled that it becomes difficult to separate them. Thankfully, your partner will not run into such problems with a wireless speaker. Since they do not use wires, they are convenient for transporting. Therefore, you can go with this speaker to a camp or picnic site. Do you and your partner regularly throw house parties? If so, the wireless speaker is the gift to get. They are just as good as the wireless ones.

Another thing to appreciate about this gift is how versatile it is. It is compatible with smartphones, laptops and tablets. Therefore, anyone with a smartphone gets a chance to play their favorite musical genres. Admittedly, it would be boring to listen to one particular genre all night. Also, your friends would think you are selfish if you play one genre for too long.


Of course, this list is not exhaustive. There are still several birthday gift ideas you can consider. You only need to be creative. Since some people are uncreative, this listicle serves as a guide for them.

All in all, you shouldn’t feel pressured to get an expensive gift for your partner. If your partner isn’t materialistic, they will appreciate anything you get them. That does not mean you should avoid putting in some effort. Also, you should not get anything outrageous. For instance, can you imagine buying a cremation urn for your partner? It will make sense if they have some ashes to store. Still, it is not a gift anyone should get.

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