Mental Health

Mental health

Mental health

Mental health is a state of mental wellbeing that enables people to adjust and cope with stresses of life. Mental health is all about how people feel,think and behave.mental health can affect daily living,relationships and physical health of people.

Signs of mental health disorder

1.sleeping too much or too little.

2.Feeling hopeless.

3.Withdrawing from friends,colleagues and family.


5.eating too much or too little.

Causes of mental health problems

1.Childhood trauma or abuse.

2.Bereavement .


4.long term physical health conditions.


Today am going to talk about how poverty and unemployment has contributed to mental health problem.

People living in lowest income bracket are more likely to develop mental health problems.

Unemployment in Kenya has contributed too much to mental health problems.Many people especially youths are unemployed,many youths have graduated from university but they can’t even secure jobs to sustain and run there  daily lives that’s why you find many people are dying of depression and many end up even taking away there lives,unemployment and poverty is an issue and it should be addressed.

Mental health problems has become an emerging trends in the world.Alot of people are suffering from mental health nowadays and it’s becoming a serious issue and there is need to be addressed immediately.

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  1. Felix Atiang

    the current economy can affect one’s mental health

  2. Nelly Njeri

    Great insight on mental health!

  3. Caroline Njeri

    You’re right Rebby. Unemployment and poverty do contribute to mental illness because of the emotions and thought processes that come with this state in life. However, I would encourage our youths to take heart and not to be afraid to downsize so that they can minimize the stress. Also, youths should be open to alternatives. If they won’t give us the white collar jobs, then lets create our own jobs.

  4. Carson Anekeya

    Your article is a crucial exploration of mental health, shedding light on the signs, causes, and the stark reality that socioeconomic factors contribute significantly to mental health problems. The connection between the lowest income bracket and increased vulnerability to mental health disorders is a poignant observation. The impact of unemployment, especially among the youth, on mental well-being is a stark reminder of the urgent need for systemic changes. Your call to address these issues resonates deeply—mental health is indeed an emerging and critical global concern that demands immediate attention and action. Thank you for bringing awareness to this vital topic.

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