Defined as true desire sustained or prolonged is something that each individual holds to fulfil at some point in their life. To others having the desire or determination to achieve something is governed by different factors. Some want to fulfill a passion because they need change of how the norm is perceived by people, others want to fulfill their parents fervor, some are driven by the circumstances and consequences around them or even having the happiness of people recognizing you as someone of great value.

There’s no point of having to desire something without knowing the end results that you want to attain. Some of us are struggling in finding that spark, or even that tiny glimmer of hope that could ignite the passion. It’s a desire that shouldn’t be achieved out of mere pretence of making those around you happy. It’s your own moment in life that you get to shine. Everyone takes time to realize what they really want in life. As long as you keep in mind that purpose is what guides us and passion is what drives us.

” I have no special talent,,, I am only passionately curious “

Albert Einstein


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