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Emotional intimacy whether platonic or romantic, that’s so raw, deep,vulnerable. Just being emotionally naked,  talking about our scars without shame. Showing our weaknesses without being insecure that one would take advantage of you.  Love so innocent, that you don’t even struggle showing it , coz its so real its all written all over you. Showing beautiful and ugly parts of you without having any doubt coz you know you’ll still be appreciated anyways. Where you can just lay doing nothing , where those awkard silences feel likes home. Where you aren’t afraid of admitting you did make a mistake coz you know they will correct ,appreciate and still show you love. Where loyalty exists. Where your imperfections are still celebrated . Being able to share your thoughts without being judged . Being able to show your insecurities and one being able to tell you its okay, making feel warm. Bringing out ones inner child , so naturally.That is what I want.

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