Best places to take your partner for holiday

Best places to take your partner for holiday

Every couple needs a quiet place at least thrice a year where they can have lots of fun together, confess a lot to each other and most importantly show each other the great love they haven’t shown before.

Holidays give us such amazing chances to do all the above and rekindle the great moments of love we had for each other back in the days when we were still dating or few days after our marriage.

Today I compiled a list of the most romantic places I would prefer if I was to take my partner for a holiday.

Sintra – Portugal

Sintra is such a romantic destination and I wouldn’t be wrong if I called it the palace of dates. It is located between mountains and the sea and has so much to show its visitors from the historical heritages, luxurious nature, cultural offers and gastronomy.

Paris France

Paris has always been a dream for many people and indeed it is not only a dream but a place worth your dream. This marvelous city offers its visitors with the best in town restaurants, dinners for two, romantic walking places and thus plants the best memories in our minds.

Venice – Italy

Venice is one of the places in Italy that would give you the best memorable moments upon visiting. This place has a lot of events that could keep you entertained throughout your stay. These events include; the Venice carnival, Riviera in bloom which happens every year, Madonna dell ‘Angelo festival, the Sand sculpture festival and many more.

Aix-les-Bains Riviera – France

This is a lake in France that has a lot to offer to visitors other than just its existence. The lake is a quiet place that would give you the perfect time to chat and reconnect. There is also a lot to see at the scene which would include some of the most beautiful mountains which sink into the lake.

Bali – Indonesia

Bali is an island in the south east of Asia and is considered by many people as one of the best places that would offer the best mind relaxation moments. The travellers would consider visiting the 15th century temples on the island as well as the most adorable Bali falls and thereafter relax to enjoy the most beautiful sunset.


Florida keys – Florida

If you ever get a chance to visit the US then I would recommend that you visit the Florida keys which is a breathtaking experience. The street would offer couples with the best moments of their lives including the beaches, palm lined streets, restaurants and relaxation cafes.

Kerala – India

Kerala would be considered by many couples as their best destination because it has a lot of experience to offer. Kerala holds some of the best beaches, spas, entertaining waterfalls, beautiful waterfalls and tropical forests. The rolling hills would be another moment in your tour to Kerala.

Santorini – Greece

This is a special highland in Greece which I would say that it is a dream come true for most of us if we ever visited this place. Santorini offers the best infinity pools which overlook the sea, crystal clear waters and the most inspiring sunsets.


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  1. Caroline Njeri

    Bali is my dream destination. if couples travelled three times a year, I think the cases of separation would shrink.

  2. Carson Anekeya

    The descriptions paint a vivid picture, making it easy to imagine the enchanting experiences awaiting. I’m sure readers will find this list inspiring and helpful in planning their next romantic holiday. Great job!

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