Safe Traveling Destinations for Women

Safe Traveling Destinations for Women

In 2022, we bring you a list of safe traveling destinations for women based on experience:

Solo trips are usually exciting, empowering, and challenging.
Enjoying your vacation and holiday is crucial. And even though it is true that solo trips are the best to enjoy some me-time, safety remains a major issue to be taken into consideration especially for women.

The excitement of solo trips can also be overwhelming if you don’t plan out accordingly. Choosing the right destination, travel planning, hotel selection, and many other things make it all exhilarating. A well-researched and planned trip optimizes your vacation period so you can enjoy as many things as possible in your given budget.

Safe Traveling Destinations for Women

While there is a lot of data-fueled consensus on the safest destinations for women, they might not exactly be pocket-friendly. We gathered a list of some scenic places for women to travel solo. And the best part is that they are budget-friendly too.

These breathtaking places are economical, filled with peace, walkable old towns, historical sites, and exotic beaches.

Top 5 Safe Traveling Destinations for Women in 2022

The world is beautiful, and it has so many great places to explore. And when you are with your girls’ gang, it becomes more adventurous, serene, and enjoyable. 

This list is one of the easiest, cheapest and safest destinations for women, whether as a solo tourist or with your girls’ group.


Cappadocia - Turkey

Cappadocia – Turkey

Turkey has always been on my bucket list. I still find this exotic destination quite peaceful even after several visits.

Packed with monuments, ancient empires, religious sites and endowed with showcase scenery and beautiful beaches, Turkey is an excellent destination between Asia and Europe. Turkey is very safe for women. It has almost everything to offer to its visitors. Every year Istanbul expects millions of foreigner tourists. 

Istanbul has a lot to offer, from cultural life to the cosmopolitan vibes of both the Asian and European sides.

It has magnificent mosques such as the famous blue mosque and the newly converted Hagia Sophia. The scenic island is a splendid destination to spend your time. There are beautiful and picturesque places such as the princess island named Büyükada. Many great museums, attraction sites, and magnificent palaces filled with grandeurs that are a must-visit. 

Besides Istanbul, the sunrise panoramic view of Cappadocia is another breathtaking view. The cave hotels, lover’s point, and the underground city are among the best day tours. 

Pamukkale is a delight for tourists and a true geographical beauty. It is best known for its mineral-rich thermal waters, and no doubt, the view defines its name very well.

Its famous beach cities include Antalya and Fethiye (Oludeniz). Delve into history with seven sleepers, ruins of Ephesus in Izmir, or shop from the bazaars and markets. 

Hafiz Mustafa’s Turkish delight and doner kebabs with Turkish tea will make your journey memorable. The best thing is that everything will fit your budget, including shopping. 


Lisbon, Portugal.

Lisbon, Portugal.

Portugal is the third safest country, ranked by the Global peace index in 2020. This makes it a safe destination for women solo travelers. There is no denying that Portugal is famous among solo travelers as well as couples. 

Located on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is one of the most visited countries due to its affordability, idyllic climate, and unique attractions. 

Portugal is one of Europe’s oldest countries, with stunning beaches, dramatic landscapes, and exotic beaches. Its incredible springs, exquisite cuisines, fascinating museums, and great chapel of human skeletons will amaze you.

This vibrant country is one of the favorite destinations for many. The Algarve is home to 100 warm beaches. Praia de Bordeira, Praia do Amoreira, Praia do Martinhal, Praia do Amado are some of its popular surfing spots with beautiful romantic beach scenes. 

Lisbon is the most vibrant and Charismatic city in Europe, with many tourist attractions. It has fairytale castles, gothic monasteries, and colorful tiled mosaic plazas that make this historic city beautiful. Aveiro is the Venice of Portugal with beautiful canals and nouveau architecture. The nine islands of the Azores, the wine cellars of Porto, and the village of Monsanto are definitely worth visiting.

Prague of the Czech republic

Prague, The Czech Republic

Prague, The Czech Republic

A city that looks like an actual fairytale. No doubt, Prague is among the most beautiful cities in the world. In Time Out’s index, it has been voted as the most beautiful city and the second best city for relaxation. Prague is very safe for solo travelers including women.

The city is covered with colorful pastel houses with old medieval buildings that are a treasure of Eastern Europe. The tour around Prague is exciting with an easy commute system. You surely won’t get bored of touring around on your independent adventure. 

The city has preserved old skylines, giving it the name of ‘a city of a thousand spires’. Prague is one of the architectural gems with Baroque, Renaissance, Gothic, and Art Nouveau styles, providing a dramatic and fairytale-like view. 

Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, the astronomical clock, museums such as the national museum, the museum of communism, and sex machine museums are Prague’s best places to visit.


Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Looking for a destination full of epic tropical jungles, palmed beaches and exquisite street foods? Thailand is your bucket-list vacation spot. It is one of the safest and cheapest destinations for female solo travelers. 

Bangkok is a cosmopolitan and buzzing city with vibrant street life. It has the country’s best temples and some of the best places to visit. Home to many shopping areas with one of the world’s largest outdoor markets, Bangkok has a unique shopping market with 8000 stalls and traditional floating markets. 

Some of the attraction sites to visit in Bangkok include the grand palace, Wat-Pho, the royal reception halls, Lumpini park, etc.

Besides Bangkok, many day tours to other cities and beaches will make your vacation even more wonderful.

Chiang Mai is another great spot with beautiful, misty mountains, tropical rainforest, and Buddhist temples. Other sites include Phuket, Ayutthaya, Koh Samui, Krabi, Sukhothai, Chiangrai, and many others.


Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku is a combination of arid-plain lands and mountains with a beautiful and opulent city situated on the Caspian Sea. 

Azerbaijan is one of the safest and most affordable vacation spots for solo female travelers. 

Azerbaijan has a lot to offer to its tourists to leave them amazed. Baku, a famous yet underrated tourist city, has awe-inspiring medieval historical grandeurs that enhance the beauty of the town. The capital of Shirvanshah – the old city of Baku, namely Icher shehr, represents medieval historical sites and ancient vibes. The palace of Shirvanshah, the maiden tower, the Italian renaissance-style mansion of the national history museum, the museum of miniature books, ateshgah of Baku (Fire temple), Yanar Dag, and Nizami street are some of the best touristic points in Baku. In addition, Azerbaijan has beautiful natural scenery such as Qabala, the green and beautiful Astara, the Caspian Sea, and many others. Day tours are available for the Wine tour, Gabala tour, ski tour, and many more.

Before you set out for your solo tour, remember these tips:

  • Safety precautions are necessary as no place in the world can guarantee full safety.
  • You can ask your hotel managers about safe and unsafe areas to visit.
  • The language barrier is one of the most important yet ignored factor to consider.
  • While selecting your hotel, you must choose a hotel in the center or near the attraction sites. It saves time and commute expenses, making every bit of your journey enjoyable.
  • Never book your day tours in advance, especially online. You can always bargain and win the tour at a much cheaper rate.
  • Try to travel by local commute system. You’ll love exploring the new cultures and people.

Conclusion on Safe Traveling Destinations for Women

The world is beautiful, and every country has something to offer to its tourists. However, planning a solo trip is challenging and exhilarating, with the budget being top of the list of things to consider. We gathered a list of touristic places where women can enjoy their trips even with tight budgets. These places are just an example, many more exciting and beautiful places are there to explore. 

Happy traveling!

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