MagSafe Explained | Apple’s Roadmap to a Portless iPhone

MagSafe Explained | Apple’s Roadmap to a Portless iPhone

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For the longest time, Apple had been rumored to be developing Air power which was meant to be Apple’s wireless charging pad which could charge up to three devices at once. But to everyone’s surprise, Apple introduced MagSafe alongside the iPhone 12.

There was a lot of controversy to this design but make no mistake, this was in the works long before it was released. The small but compact design makes it ideal for portability and ease of use unlike other wireless chargers out there. In this article we are going to discuss how MagSafe works, Apple’s masterplan with the MagSafe in place, it’s real-world application and I will finally give you my final thoughts on this.

How MagSafe works and how it differs from other wireless chargers.

An iPhone 12 Pro charging wirelessly

MagSafe is a technology developed by Apple to solely enable wireless charging to its iPhone. It is comprised of a series of magnets which are meticulously engineered into the chassis of the iPhone 12 and above to enable wireless charging.

It is also worth noting that this technology detects MagSafe enabled devices so don’t be worried that your iPhone will now be attracting or interfering with magnetic materials. The MagSafe is a step above most wireless charger which only deliver power at 7.5 Watts. With the MagSafe, the Iphone 12 can finally receive up to 15 Watts of wireless charging. The packaging comes with the MagSafe wireless charger and a USB C to Lighting cable.

To take full advantage of the 15 Watt fast wireless charging, Apple recommends that you buy a 20-Watt separate charging brick. As with all wireless chargers, the MagSafe being no exception, there is a lot of power loss due to inefficiency. Some of it the energy is converted to heat hence it is lost. The point that I am trying to bring is that, wired charging is still by far more efficient in power delivery.

Apple’s masterplan with the MagSafe in place.

An iPhone 13 Pro charging wirelessly

If you can remember back in 2016, Apple made one of the most daring moves with the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus. They decided to get rid of the headphone jack. This move took the whole tech industry by storm.

Big companies like Samsung scolded Apple for making such a bold decision but little did they know that they would later hop in on that trend. I guess that’s a small price to pay for being a trail blazer. One of the main reasons for removing the headphone jack, was to promote the sale of their wireless Airpods which turned out to be a huge success. In addition to that, it also improved the iPhone’s water-resistant capabilities and also made its design more appealing. That’s what Apple does.

They find a solution to a problem we never knew we had. In this instance, they got rid of the headphone jack and replaced it with Airpods. As you are all aware, the future of phones will be portless, meaning that everything will be wireless. Apple’s masterplan will involve getting rid of the lightning port.

With the introduction of MagSafe, it is up to the consumers to embrace it and hopefully the iPhone 15 will be the first portless iPhone that we have all been waiting for. With MagSafe accessories such as the MagSafe battery pack, there will be no need for wired power banks. The only thing you have to do is to slap it on the back of the iPhone and boom it will begin charging. Manufacturers such as Anker and other big accessory makers are already on the move to making accessories for the MagSafe.

Accessories to match your MagSafe enabled iPhone.

MagSafe Wallet.

MagSafe Wallet

The MagSafe wallet is one of the most enticing MagSafe products appealing to most consumers. It is capable of holding up to three cards and it is made of high-quality European leather if you buy it from Apple. However, Apple is facing some competition from a company known as MOFT.

MOFT makes just as high quality MagSafe wallets as Apple. Their wallets can hold up to three cards and it is $20 cheaper than the Apple MagSafe wallet. What’s more is that it is made of vegan leather as opposed to European leather from Apple, which is appealing to people who don’t prefer using animal-based products.

MagSafe battery pack.

MagSafe battery pack

The MagSafe battery pack is relatively a new add to the MagSafe accessories. Its capacity is obviously small judging by the size of the battery pack itself but it gets the job done. It can charge an iPhone 12 mini from zero up to 83 percent in about two hours which is decent especially when you consider its portability.

However, it is not the fastest as it pumps out charge at 5 Watts. The reason for this is to reduce heat which may be in excess if more power is pumped out hence reducing efficiency.

Belkin Car Vent Mount PRO with MagSafe.

Belkin car vent mount Pro with MagSafe

The Belkin car vent mount is an efficient and sleek way of holding your device during driving. The strong MagSafe magnets will keep your iPhone from dropping hence providing a stylish aesthetic.

Final thoughts on MagSafe.

An iPhone 12 Pro Max charging wirelessly

This whole idea of wireless charging is by no means a new technology as it has been around for a while. The advantage that it has over its competitors is that it is a portable, sleek and small formfactor with above average 15-Watt charging. Most wireless chargers are still stuck at 7.5 watts which is generally low especially since phone batteries are continuing to get larger and larger.

Generally, I think that we are more than ready for a portless iPhone and hopefully iPhone 14 will be the first iPhone ever to feature absolutely zero ports. A portless phone will enable full water-resistant features. To understand this better, the IP68 rating that you see in most devices simply means that the device can survive in fresh water up to a depth of 1 meter for about thirty minutes.

Some speculations have it that in a portless phone, it can survive even in salty water but we will just have to wait and see. What are your thoughts on this?

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