samsung m8 smart monitor

Samsung M8 Smart Monitor | Better than the Studio Display

Samsung M8 Smart Monitor | Better than the Studio Display

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samsung m8 smart monitor

Samsung’s recently released M8 smart monitor has caused a lot of buzz in the tech industry. With its computer-meets TV approach, many can’t fathom why its half the price of the Apple Studio display yet still being twice as good. It packs loads of features which make it a worthy opponent to the Studio display but it still has its own mishaps which may be unattractive to the Apple fanboys.

The fact that it can transform into a TV when need be and also a monitor when you need to get some work done is somehow mesmerizing. In fact, you do not necessarily need a PC as it supports some crucial productivity apps such as the Microsoft 365 suite, Google Duo and some entertainment apps such as Hulu and Netflix. If you do not heavy processing power, just get a keyboard and a mouse to supplement your setup and you are ready to go.

samsung m8 smart monitor

As part of the packaging, you get the Monitor, a remote control when you want to use the monitor as a TV, a 1080P webcam, a USB C cable, a micro-HDMI cable, the power cord, the stand and the metallic base.


  • 4K (3840 X 2160) VA type LCD Panel
  • 60HZ display with 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Supports HDR 10+
  • Covers Up to 99% SRGB Color spectrum
  • Supports Samsung DeX as well as Air Play 2
  • Comes with a detachable 1080P webcam
  • Has a pair of 2.2 channel built-in 5W speakers
  • Uses Tizen OS
  • Has two USB C ports and one micro-HDMI port
  • Supports Wi-Fi 5
  • Supports Bluetooth 4.2
  • The Middle USB C can output 65W for charging your devices
  • Weighs in at 9.4 KG (20.7lb)
  • Comes in Warm White, Sunset Pink, Daylight Blue and Spring Green colors.
  • Retails at $729 (approx. Ksh84,697)

Design Language.

samsung m8 smart monitor

There is no denying that the Samsung M8 smart monitor is an aesthetically pleasing device. It comes in various colors that elevates a room’s design. It’s almost as if it was cut from the same cloth as the 24-inch iMac. The back of the device features three ports: two USB C and a Micro-HDMI port which are ‘enough’ in today’s standards. In addition to the ports, the back is also finished in a satisfactory Herringbone pattern which brings out a level of sophistication like no other. (Unless you prefer the all-aluminum chassis of the studio display)

Aside from that, the stand is made of plastic while the base is all metal to provide a steady base for the monitor. Although the stand is height adjustable, it is not Vega-compatible.

At the front, we have a 32-inch 4K 60Hz VA type LCD panel. The brightness stands at 400nits which is plenty bright indoors. It also covers 99% of the SRGB color spectrum, which many creative professionals will definitely appreciate. In an era where higher refresh rate has become a norm, some may be wondering why this monitor still supports a maximum of 60Hz. Well, since its main focus is not gaming, a high refresh rate may not be so appealing or beneficial to the people buying this monitor.

samsung m8 smart monitor

In addition to this, the M8 also supports HDR 10+, providing a high dynamic range when viewing supported content. The webcam attaches magnetically to a proprietary port at the back of the monitor and since it comes included in the package, it is less hassle on the user’s end. It provides a decent enough video quality at 1080P and also comes included with a magnetic webcam cover.

This monitor also includes a pair of 2.2 channel 5W speakers which are plenty loud for streaming your favorite movies and video content. Although it is not as rich and vibrant as the Studio display’s speakers, it still gets the job done. Its a good all-rounder device aesthetically and practically but how does it stack up against the Apple Studio Display?

Samsung M8 Smart monitor vs the Apple Studio display.

samsung m8 smart monitor vs Apple Studio display

There is no denying that Samsung designed this monitor with Apple in mind as its main competitor. Almost every detail was plucked out of Apple’s playbook. Straight from the color choices to the design similarities. It is also worth noting that the M8 was announced prior to the Apple display although it was released much later.

Display comparison.

samsung m8 smart monitor

Display wise, Apple takes the clear win. While some people prefer VA type LCD which the Samsung has as compared to Apple’s IPS LCD, you cannot argue with the 5K (5120 X 2880) resolution that the Studio display comes with. In addition to this, the Studio display has a pixel density of 218 pixels as compared to 138 pixels in the M8 which translates to a more detailed image quality. In addition to this, the Studio display has a max brightness of 600 nits as compared to the M8’s 400nits.

Design comparison.

Apple Studio Display

Although looks are subjective, Samsung’s design takes the clear win. The bezels are relatively smaller in the M8 and the 32-inch display is way better as compared to the smaller 27-inch the Studio display. Although the Aluminum is much better to hold in the Studio display, the herringbone pattern looks better in the M8. Drop a comment below to share your thoughts on this.

Speaker, webcam and microphone comparison.

samsung m8 smart monitor vs Apple Studio Display

Apple takes the lead in this category. The microphone quality in the M8 lacks clarity which does not necessarily point to the hardware. It seems like more of a software problem which should be addressed. The camera quality is also subjective. Upon release of the Studio display, the webcam was poor until a recent update. The M8’s quality is good but perhaps could also get better through software tweaks. In the webcam category it is a tie as both are very good.

Speaker wise, Apple wins. The M8 provides a louder listening experience but the sound is somewhat distorted. In contrast, the Studio display provides a relatively loud listening experience with punchier, deeper and richer sound quality.


samsung m8 smart monitor in pink

In terms of ports, they are not the most impressive but this category will go to Samsung. The M8 has two USB C ports with one of the ports capable of outputting 65W. and a micro-HDMI port while the Apple Studio Display only has three USB C and one Thunderbolt 3 port capable of outputting 96W. Although Samsung does not have Thunderbolt, it gets an extra point for the mini-HDMI port which comes with an included cable.


Apple Studio Display

This is where the boundary draws itself. The Samsung M8 retails for $729 while the Apple Studio display retails for $1600 which is over double the price of its competitor. Although many may defend the price of Apple with the 5K display, most people are just better off with the Samsung M8. The M8 in fact has the additional features of a smart TV which gives it extra points when compared to the Studio display. In this simple comparison, Samsung takes the lead.

Final thoughts.

samsung m8 smart monitor on a patterned background

The Samsung M8 Smart monitor provides the most value for your money and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a monitor in this category. There is no excuse of the ecosystem support as the Samsung M8 works well with both macOS and Windows. But Apple fans boys will remain Apple fan boys; and the Apple Studio Display is definitely a no brainer for them. Drop a comment below to share your thoughts on both of these devices.

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    The Samsung M8 Smart monitor is a standout option, delivering excellent value for your money. I highly recommend it for anyone seeking a monitor in this category. Its versatility in working seamlessly with both macOS and Windows adds to its appeal.

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