Xbox Game pass

Xbox Game pass Explained in the Simplest way possible

Xbox Game pass Explained in the Simplest way possible

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Xbox Game pass

Xbox has been Microsoft’s answer to the Sony’s PlayStation for over a decade now. Despite having struggled to catch up with PlayStation in the past, Xbox has been improving its hardware and software for a seamless game play over the years gaining a huge fan base.

One of the killer features that Xbox came up with is the Xbox Game Pass. The future of gaming might be shifting from console based to cloud gaming. With many cloud gaming services such as GeForce now, Google Stadia, Xbox game pass and more, this type of gaming might just be the next big thing.

What is Xbox Game pass and how does it work?

Xbox Game pass

Xbox Game Pass is a cloud based gaming service with a similar model that Netflix normally has. You simply pay a monthly subscription in order to access a wide library of games that Game Pass has to offer. All you need for Game pass to work is a fast internet connection and a supported device.

Most android devices are supported and works well especially with Samsung devices since Samsung and Microsoft have a partnership . In fact, during the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 during the 2020 August unpacked event, Microsoft was giving away a bundle of the Game pass when you bought the Note 20.

For those with Apple devices they can access game pass via the browser since apple refused to partner with Microsoft to officially launch the Game pass service on their devices. The convenience that this platform offers is unbelievable. Imagine you have gone for a vacation and you could not get your big chunky console on the plane for whatever reason. Well, no problem game pass has got your back with over 100+ titles to play. Microsoft really nailed it on this one.

Plans and Pricing

Xbox Game pass Pricing

Plans and Pricing explained.

PC Plan

Xbox Game pass for pc

This plan simply means that you can access Game pass on your PC only at a price of $9.99/month .

With this plan you get perks such as member discounts and deals, you are always one of the first people to receive Xbox game Studios exclusives plus the first month you only pay a dollar; that’s right only $1.

Console Plan.

Xbox Game pass for console

With this plan it means that Game pass is available to you only on console. The perks on this plan are similar to the ones on the PC plan, the only difference is that it is on a console.

Ultimate Plan.

Xbox Game pass ultimate

This is by far the best value for your money since packs in a lot of advantages which include;

  • Access to over 100 games.
  • With this plan you can access Game pass on your Android devices, PC and also console hence not limited unlike the other two plans.
  • Membership discounts.
  • Early access to Xbox Game Studios Titles.
  • Plus, a variety of games are being added regularly.


With the Ultimate plan you can game after working on a project on your PC then go to your Xbox and continue from where you left off. In addition to that Game pass also comes together bundled with EA play and Xbox Live Gold included.

Thoughts on this…..

Xbox Game pass interface

As cloud gaming is getting more and more popular since internet speeds have drastically increased from a decade ago, I think this will be the future of gaming. With Game pass you no longer need a console to play exclusive titles which was a must about a decade ago. Furthermore, this technology offers flexibility since you can game on the go.


Xbox Game pass bundle

As the internet infrastructure gets better and better even with big generation leaps such as from 4G to 5G cloud gaming has some serious potential of growing. If you are serious gamer (or even a casual one) I would suggest purchasing the Ultimate plan as it offers more flexibility across different platforms and it is also the best value for your money.

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    is xbox the same as playstation

  2. Carson Anekeya

    The anticipation of advancements in internet infrastructure, especially with the transition from 4G to 5G, fuels the potential growth of cloud gaming. For both serious and casual gamers, the recommendation of purchasing the Ultimate plan is a valuable tip due to its increased flexibility across different platforms, offering the best value for money. Great insight.

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