Three Personal Growth Traits

Three Personal Growth Traits

Three Personal Growth Traits


Personal growth is not something that comes naturally but rather exceptionally. Every one has to work hard to achieve personal growth.

Growth is a process and comes as result of some commitment of particular actionable coursework. In this article, I would like to delve into three personal traits that would help in its development.

The first trait is Creativity. Personal growth begins in the mind. Creativity has to do with shaping positive mindset. Personal growth demands shaped mindset with positivity. Achieving personal growth without shaped mindset with positivity is next to impossible. 

The second trait is Responsibility.  Personal growth thrives with responsibility. Responsibility has do with sharpening active skills. Personal growth demands sharpen active skillsets. Combining shaped positive mindset and sharpen active skillsets accelerates personal growth in life. 

Third trait is Productivity. Personal growth develops with massive assets. Productivity has to do with accumulating massive assets. Personal growth demands massive assets. For shaped positive mindset cultivates sharpened active skillsets that brings massive assets that culminates personal growth in its full stature. 

In summary, personal growth is process of shaped mindset, sharpened skillsets and accumulated assets. Three pillars are mindsets, skillsets and assets that supports and sustains personal growth in totally. Simply, personal growth is Positive Creativity, Active Responsibility and Massive Productivity. 

From Manuscripts of Smart Business Strategy by Danson Munyao. 


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