The Money Approach Mindsets

The Money Approach Mindsets

Money Approach Mindsets


The main reason many people lack money is not matter of lack of resources or lack of avenues to generate income or earn profits but rather problem of mindset.

Money approach concept has three dimensional mindsets that helps in developing culture of growth in money matters.

First dimension is learning mindset. That’s learning mentality, where you commit yourself to learn again and again the basics of money.

In this dimension you unlearn what you know about money, and start to learn a fresh money basics.

In the process of learning you discover there was a lot of deception and corruption about money that you had kept safe in your mind. Money knowledge is learnable and foundational in nature. 

The second dimension is practical mindset. That’s practice mentality, where you commit to use money wisely and properly for benefit of reaping it’s outcome.

In the process of using the money you realise many gaps that somehow causes unproductive outcomes of the same. Money usage is fundamental in life and very functional practice both for better management and sustainability of money.

The third dimension is survival mindset. That’s survival mentality, where you commit to survive with money knowledge and money practice for development and advancement of money matters in life.

In the process of surviving in money knowledge and practice, you discover that money is not learnable and usable but also expandable. That money moves, money grows to become more abundant and massive if managed and sustained well.

In conclusion, money is foundational meaning money is learnable. Money is functional meaning money is usable. And, money is operational meaning money is expandable.


From Manuscripts of Money Approaches Book by Danson Munyao 





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