The Money Approaches

The Money Approaches


Have You ever thought why some people attract money easily than others? Yeah, know this, that money is attractive, and also money is repellant! Whether you attract or repel money, the difference is in the mindset.

Though, money seems too familiar to everybody, but too complicated to everyone! Money is much complicated because it is mind game! Yes, money is a deep mystery, only our minds can know and understand it.

Money is foundational, money is functional and money is operational in its nature. These foundations, functions, and operations of money are stored, known and expressed in mental realm.

Infact, money is a thick forest to transverse through, for its nature can only be seen, felt and expressed in our minds. Thus, money approach is more in mental state than it is in physical state. 

This ebook is written to unfold three kinds of mindsets that attracts money easily in our lives. As we dive deeper into this thrilling subject of money approach, may the eyes of your mind be open to seen hidden secrets of money, and may the ears of your mind be clear to hear resounding voice of money. 

The mind is very interesting part of our lives: it has its own world where the data of life events, and  occurrences are collected, stored and packed. This data collected, stored and  packed form the life pattern that we live in our day to day life. Thus, our minds is money control tower; how you attract or you repel money depends on how your mind is set (that’s mindset.)




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