The Best Way Way to Achieve Goals

The Best Way Way to Achieve Goals


The Best Way to Achieve Goals. 

There are four intensive and extensive stages that a goal must go through to be grown and achieved 

1. Visualization – This is thinking in pictures

2. Prioritization – This is thinking in numbers

3. Strategization – This is thinking in processes

4. Actualization – This is thinking in details.

Any kind of goals in lifetime demands to go through these four intensive and extensive stages. Mostly in business and work fields 

A goal has pictorial stage, that grows to numerical stage, that grows to procedural stage that graduates to detailed and full grown goal. This gradual growth of a goal should be taken by the goal-bear (the person who has a goal want to achieve them) 

In summary: For goal to be fully grown and achieved must be visualized, prioritized, strategized and actualized. This is best practice for top achievers of any goal in life. 

Derived From “Smart Training Program Booklet”: by Trainer Danson Munyao PSA CEO Nairobi Kenya 



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