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It premiered on February 2015. The series is a true story adapted from the novel Fresh Off The Boat: A Memoir by Eddie Huang. The series was written by Ali Wong, Eddie Huang, Nahnatchka Khan, Sheng Wang and other talented people. It was directed by Anya Adams, Lynn Shelton, Gail Mancuso and Claire Scanlon and produced by Eddie Huang, Nahnatchka Khan, Justin McEwen, Rich Blomquist, Melvin Mar and Jake Kasdan.

This six season series follows an Asian American family as they establish themselves in Florida. The Huang family of six goes through various challenges and triumphs. Louis tries to establish a restaurant that ends up failing at first but succeeds later. Jessica tries to find a job to contribute to the family finances. She becomes a real estate agent and later a school principal. Grandma Huang, the retired matriarch has an avid love for mahjong which she spends time playing and trying to learn English. Eddie is passionate fan of rap music and cooking. Emery is charming and loved by his peers. Evan’s dream is to be a doctor president and he is mature for his age. He is the last born and mama’s boy.

The notable actors that made the production possible are Eddie Huang, Hudson Yang, Constance Wu, Randall Park, Lucille Soong, Forest Wheeler, Ian Chen and various others. Their various personalities blend in together in the right way and sometimes clash. This show portrays the struggle of immigrant families to fit in and how pressured they are to succeed in a foreign country. The story is motivating and touching depicted in a humorous way.

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  1. Shukrani Maina

    The struggle we go through to achieve our goals and dreams is harsh and sometimes worth it

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