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The Merriam Webster dictionary broadly defines karma as a force considered as affecting the events of one’s life. Karma’s origin is different in each culture but it serves the same function. Most religions believe that karma exists. Christians believe that you reap what you sow. Hindus and Muslims believe that everyone is born with karma from their past lives whether good or bad.

The series Girl From Nowhere was created and inspired by true events that happened and were reported in Thailand. It premiered on August 2018 and created by SOUR Bangkok. Its original language is in Thai. It is produced by Nalina Chayasombat and Chai-A-Nan Soijumpa and directed by a different director each story.

Due to lack of satisfactory justice, Nanno was created to enact revenge in a fictional world. Nanno has an appearance of a teenager and no backstory. She lands in a new school and leaves after exposing their bad deeds and sometimes ensuring justice. She is categorized by her black hair in a bob with bangs and her sinister smile. She twirls her hair when she finds something interesting. Her other name is Mara Amaratayakul. She matches the school uniform with black Mary Janes. Nanno sometimes exploits the people around them and invokes them to take certain actions.

In season two, Yuri appears as a rival and also helper to Nanno. She is related to Nanno through blood. Nanno’s blood helped heal her wounds mistakenly thus she is now immortal. Sometimes Nanno does display emotions and feels sad for some of her victims. Season two will leaves you on a cliffhanger that may be explained when season three comes out.

This series will satisfy your thirst for revenge if you have one and leave you wanting more. If you are feeling week in whatever situation and need a pick me up watching Nanno will quench you. It is classified as a thriller, horror, teen drama and mystery.

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    Nanno has a certain way of taking revenge that leaves you in want

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