Bouncing back from life setbacks

Bouncing back from life setbacks

Life is very unpredictable! Today you are fine, doing well in all areas, particularly economically but boom! Suddenly, you fall from your economic heights. Your life becomes unbearable and miserable.

In twinkle of an eye, everything turns against you. The happy you, turns to sad you. The strong you, turns to weak you. The brighter you, turns to dull you. Almost every seems to be shattered in your life.

It is like you’re in a deep valley, where life motivation diminishes, and becomes depression, where life positivity makes no sense at all, and all ill negativity cloud your mind. Life possibilities and probabilities become vain tales that has nothing to hold on unto.

This period is well defined by transition from heights to depths. The transitional process by itself is not pleasant but rather demeaning and demoralising in nature, though at the end proves otherwise. It is time of change. It is time of transformation.

Transition has three components; change of perspective, change of seasons, and change of responsibility. Transition is a way of life. During this period.

You change your perspective. You start to view everything in different way, you search deeply what made things from bearable to unbearable situation? Hence, you become more wiser.

You change your seasons. You start to evaluate past time failures and forecast future times. You treasure every season in your life that comes. You become more stronger. 

Change of responsibility. You start to know that every assignment in life matters a lot. Life demands new commitment to better things that has not be working well. You become more fuller.

By the end of transition, you have exposure and experience in life challenges that enable you to propel next stage of living. This is way bounce back from ground to heights. 

By PrinceDanson @princedmunya@gmail.com

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