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The filmed that is loved by many was released in October 2012.Despite its budget of unknown value, it made 8.15 million Kenya shillings in the box office. It was written by Ginger Wilson, Sarika Hemi Lakhani and Tom Tykwer and directed by David Tosh Gitonga. The movie produced by Ginger Ink films and One Fine Day films. It took four weeks to film it.

Mwas dreams of being an actor. He often dramatizes and imitates the scenes from the DVDs he sells to make a living. One day a theater troupe comes to his town. He is in awe as he watches them. He approaches one of the cast members after the show. The member convinces Mwas to give him money and in turn he will help Mwas become part of the theater. Mwas naively gives him the money.

Returning home that evening, his mind is set on going to Nairobi to be an actor. He informs his family of his decision. His alcoholic father mocks him, his mother tries to convince him not to go while his uncle sends him to deliver stolen electronics to an Indian shop. He embarks on his journey to the City under the sun.

Once he arrives he strolls the city happily without care but he encounters troubles. He is robbed of all his belongings and later arrested. In jail, he meets Oti who introduces him to a life of crime after they are released. Mwas still wanting to be an actor goes to Kenya National Theatre and discovered he has began. He discovers auditions while roaming and decides to try out. He gets the part of one of the robbers.

His ends up living a double life. An actor during the day and a car jacker at night. It gets dangerous when his nightlife interferes with his day life leading to violence and death

The film had remarkable actors such as Joseph Wairimu, Olwenya Maina, Nancy Wanjiku, Muthambi Nthinga, Paul Ogola, Njiru Mukami, Abubakar Mwenda, Jacky Vike, June Gachui and others.

Nairobi half life is a tear jerking stories highlighting the dangers of violence and the consequences of crime. It also touches on taboo topics and reasons they exist. I guarantee you will enjoy watching the movie.

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