Daddy`s girl:Chirywrites

Daddy`s girl:Chirywrites

One of my fondest memories of my childhood is when I was trying to learn President Kibaki’s many names. I was in class four at an academy, and my dad was a teacher at a school a bit far from home. Now that I have grown, I know he used to walk to his job more often than not. There were limited vehicles at the time, and most times, walking was the only choice. He would come home and still go over my interests with me. I realize now how much work that was because now i know that teaching children is a lot of work, and that is a fact. Explains why I have maximum respect for teachers. I imagine how exhausted he was,how cold it would get sometimes, and how hot some months were, and he still came home to help us with whatever questions we had. Now that I am an adult, I understand the dynamics. As an adult, I have made the wrong choices so many times. I remember him being really disappointed,yet in his disappointments, he always figured out a way to help me out. He went to my campus and figured out a way out for all my missing marks and failed tests. It cost him a fortune, and he didn’t complain. That man gave me his first laptop and stayed without any,yet he was also studying at the time. He bought another one, gave it to my brother, and still stayed without any.

He is the one person who will love me in ways that words cannot even account for. When I had my baby, he got me everything he got his hands on. He bought so much that I thought I was going to cry. Never mind that it was a different era and baby stuff had changed a whole lot from when we were born. The first bag that could carry enough baby stuff, he bought it with baby clothes. His love language is the reason I believe that you may not tell someone you love them, but your actions will.

He is my emergency contact. There are days I will be deep in difficult situations. While I try to get out of the situation, I always know that if it gets to a place I can’t, I will call him. There is not a single day I have called and he didn’t pick up. Sometimes he will be struggling on his end, but he will always make sure I am sorted.

I could write a book, and it still would not be enough. My first love, the man who has shown me so many things by example. His love is pure, and his intentions are honest. I am because he gave his all so I could have an education. He gave his all so I could become someone. I am a lucky girl and I will forever be honored to call him my father.
My grandma always reminded us that he loved us. She told me that if I ever needed anything and I felt like I couldn’t ask him, I could tell her. She would ask him for it, and I would get it. That woman raised an amazing son, who is the greatest dad there is. She would be proud of him as a grandpa because he goes way and beyond for his granddaughter. She would say my child is a good man and she was right, he is a great man. Teaching by example, loving with his actions,, and disciplined in all of his endeavors.


Baba Chir, Kwandap Chiri, thank you for leading by example. I love you so much.

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