Imaginary friend part 2

Imaginary friend part 2

Yes for sure that was a miracle. The mum had taken a step of faith as a certain regular woman of God was making usual round of prayers in the hospital wards. That day’s random round of prayers was not usual as hope was restored in baby Blessings family and a miracle happened.

Doctor had to run a series of tests to ascertain that baby Blessings was okay. After like a week or so finally baby Blessings was out of hospital. At home she became the center of attention everyone loved her and many had come from far to witness this testimony. She grew loved and cared by her siblings. All eyes were on her as a simple cough or rash would be treated with alot of agency. Fear was all over her family members around her as they feared her getting sick and back to the hospital bed. But God always answer prayers like any other normal baby Blessings never went back there. She grew and even God was gracious enough to bless her with a baby sister who became her playmate as the they grew together until Blessings was of age to start her education journey.

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