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How to Effectively read the Bible.

How to Effectively read the Bible.

If you are looking to grow in your spiritual life, then this article is for you. Every human being has a spirit. The human spirit is where we grasp subjects that are beyond human comprehension. For example, faith, joy, peace, belief etc.

There are things that you have Faith in, that the next person may not completely get or even your brain may not fully comprehend because you caught it in your spirit. You may have joy that no one can understand maybe in situations that ideally bring sadness but you have joy. Note that joy is not necessarily happiness, happiness is more soulish because it is an emotion and it is highly influenced by what is happening around. But Joy is beyond it may be expressed outwardly in a smile which connotes happiness but it is not necessarily the same thing. Same for peace; everything around you may be falling apart yet you seem to have this peace and knowing that it will pass. That you yourself can’t seem to grasp why you’re not freaking out. It is because you have something beyond human comprehension that has been deposited in your spirit.

The concept of a higher being that many times is beyond human comprehension, is also caught in the spirit. Then it is gradually understood in our minds and brains. God who is Spirit as described in John chapter four verse 24 in the Bible; we connect to him in our spirit.

The Bible is a good way to understand God’s character. Reading each chapter with the aim of grasping how God’s character is being expressed in that passage of Scripture. Here are a few ways to effectively read the Bible:

o   Set aside ample time to read the Bible.

          Unless you are just brushing through, in order to effectively read the Bible, you require time and setting aside sufficient time for that matter.

o   Find a quiet place or find a way to focus.

          God speaks a lot in stillness. It is us humans who are usually in a hurry; given the hustle and bustle of life.

o   Pray to understand what you are reading.

          Comprehending what you are reading is what you are going for here. Therefore, since the Bible is God’s word; ‘‘All Scripture is God-breathed and is valuable for teaching the truth, convicting of sin, correcting faults and training in right living.’’ (2nd Timothy 3:16). It is essential to ask God to help you understand what you are reading. 

o   Get a physical Bible.

          You can read the Bible anywhere especially now in this digital era where things are available at our fingertips. The Bible can as well be gotten on your phone. Which is awesome especially when you are trying to get a Bible verse quickly it is very helpful. As wonderful as having the Bible on your phone is, the phone has so many distractions which could derail you. Therefore, it is important to read a physical Bible especially when your goal is to understand.

o   Pick a passage of Scripture to read on a daily basis preferably a chapter a day.

          You can start from the New Testament at Matthew read through to Revelation then when you finish the New Testament start the Old Testament then continue.

o   Get a pencil or a highlighter.

          Use whichever one to make notes or highlight things that strike you. This will help you to read actively.

o   Have a notebook specifically for Studying the Bible.

          Just reiterate the goal is to read the Bible effectively in order to understand. Therefore, the notebook you will use to answer one or two questions; a few questions to help with this.

o   Write down the date, the question below and the answer to it in your notebook.

          Writing down the date helps you to not only see your consistency and how the truths in the Bible are changing you to become a better person, but also when you look back to your notes you will see the growth that you have experienced.

          The first question: Which character of God is being revealed or highlighted from this passage of Scripture?

          The second question: How does this character of God apply to my current situation?

          The third question: Which is the most edifying and or interesting verse in this passage of scripture? Why is it edifying or interesting?

          The fourth question: What is God highlighting that I need to correct?


In order to effectively read the Bible to understand it and apply the truths and principles in it, you need to be intentional about it. The above are some of the ways to do it and there are many more ways available including online of how to effectively read the Bible, and they work. The idea is to take and customize it to how you would want to do it. Remember the goal is to read to understand not just to scheme through. The above method acts as a guide. Happy Bible reading!



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  1. Carson Anekeya

    . The practical tips provided for effective Bible reading, such as setting aside ample time, finding a quiet place, and actively engaging with the text through note-taking, are invaluable for fostering a deeper understanding of Scripture. Overall, this article serves as an insightful guide for individuals seeking to enhance their spiritual growth through the study and application of God’s word.

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