Light in the darkness

Light in the darkness

In our world we are full of surprises despite the dangers we face in our daily life we still just can’t hold back and be the one thing that God wants us to be ‘his children’. And what we do is just look for things that turn us into darkness and the more we look the more darkness we gain. That’s worse than we can ever imagine, God provides his protection, guidance and mercy and we Just don’t see all that God has done for us.when you are down you will find your way up one day even if it takes long to get up Just appreciate and bear with God’s timing because God’s time is the best and perfect. satan did somethings terrible that he was sent to dwell in hell one of the worse places to be and yet we know this if you sin the place for you Is hell and yet you still want to sin even though you know the end product, we created with potential that we don’t know the end to it all we have to do is embrace what we have and we will be good to go and we will walk through the darkness without fear because we have light to guide us through the way.

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  1. Kezziah Ruheni

    Pride and greed made Satan to be sent to hell. Hell a place of misery and pain.

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