President William Ruto’s announcement that Kenya will become visa-free from January 2024 continues to receive positive backing from key government officials and leaders.

President William Ruto’s announcement that Kenya will become visa-free from January 2024 continues to receive positive backing from key government officials and leaders.

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Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi is the latest top government leader to laud the initiative barely two weeks after the presidential pronouncement on the same.

Mudavadi says it is a step towards the right direction and it will be a significant move to boost tourism and foster global connections for business and jobs.

President Ruto made the announcement on 12th December 2023 during the Jamhuri Day celebrations where Kenya was marking its 60 years of independence.

“The President means well for this country when he pronounces himself on such critical matters that are aimed at changing the fortunes of our country. Currently our tourist target ranges from 1.2 million to around 1.5 million tourists annually. We want to push these numbers to 4.5 million to 5 million tourists visiting Kenya every year.” said Mudavadi.

“Opening global connections that will boost trade, business and investment and also help in creating job connections for our population is where the President want to take this country.” added Mudavadi.He was speaking in Mosop, Nandi County during the wedding ceremony for Mosop MP, Abraham Kirwa and his spouse Frasiah.

Mudavadi says President Ruto has since reiterated his dedication to simplifying travel procedures and that this groundbreaking platform will streamline the issuance of electronic travel authorization, effectively eliminating the tedious visa application process.

This Mudavadi says is a visionary step that aligns with Ruto’s long standing advocacy for visa-free travel within the African continent.

“A steady flow of tourists in the country will have a significant impact where the hotel industry will boost its returns, businesses will get back on profit -making margins, markets for agricultural produce will expand, the education system will be boosted among other key sectors that drive the growth of the economy.” added Mudavadi.Mudavadi who doubles as the Cabinet Secretary for Foreign and Diaspora Affairs also noted that in line with the visa-free arrangements, the government is working around the clock to solidify the diaspora and support Kenyans working abroad for their contribution towards the Gross Domestic Product of the nation has grown immensely.

Mudavadi says the reasoning behind having the State Department for Diaspora Affairs under his ministry, aims at transforming and solidifying the diaspora population as their remittances are almost surpassing the export earnings of the country.

“Diaspora money to Kenya currently stands at an estimate of 5 billion Dollars translating to approximately 500 billion Kenya shillings, and we are targeting at least to hit the 1 trillion Kenya shillings in the near future and a further 2 to 3 trillion in the next 5 years.” said Mudavadi.“This is a key indicator that we need to have a stable foreign policy that will help us further our partnerships with other countries since we have seen this forms part of what helps us grow our country economically” added Mudavadi.

He urged Kenyans to be patriotic and continue supporting the government policies on economic revitalization saying the Kenya Kwanza vision for the citizens will soon bear fruit.

He pointed out strategies like the European Union Economic partnership agreement that Kenya signed recently as one of the areas the government is exploring to ensure we get market for our exports and open doors for businesses with countries that will help in injecting foreign exchange to our economy.

“This is a good example since now we have an agreement with 27 countries across Europe. We will be able to do business with them tariff free and with no quotas. Opportunities that will at the long run benefit our people, since more jobs will also be created locally and this is how we shall achieve economic stability.” said Mudavadi.Mudavadi says this is one of the very serious milestones in the republic of Kenya as far as economic partnership is concerned as it is going to open up opportunities to a tune of 19 trillion dollars at an average estimate.


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