Be confident enough to let go

Be confident enough to let go

Instead of trying to make other people adore them, people should develop a level of self-assurance that allows them to let go of people. People who feel uncomfortable or unworthy of genuine love tend to run away from it and even undermine it. Friends frequently trade money for trust because they think they can’t match the other person’s energy. They are unhappy about the individual continuing forward, though, and lack the work ethics necessary to function at this level. They might take money or trust and never come back, yet all they are taking is the honey, not the bees’ artistic creation. 

Like money, confidence is a commodity that must be earned. Just as you shouldn’t let them waste your money, it’s crucial to avoid letting them undermine your confidence. It is critical to identify and put an end to hurtful remarks and venomous remarks that are passed off as sincere criticism. Recognize that you are the writer of your own tale and boost your self-assurance.


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  1. Carson Anekeya

    It means recognizing what serves your well-being and growth, even if it means releasing certain situations, relationships, or circumstances that no longer align with your journey.

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